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Simon Parke: A Democrat dream ticket

25 June 2008

LAST NIGHT, I had a dream. In that dream, there was a man standing at a podium, the crowd roared, and I thought I could hear these words: “I stand before you tonight as the Democratic nominee for the presidency of the United States of America. Some journey! But tonight is for my grandmother in Hawaii. She couldn’t make it, but she is the greatest human being in the world — I love her.

“Here I am, the son of a black man from Kenya and a white woman from Arkansas. So many hopes and fears have come together to create me: I am fusion, I am the world, I am the future — and I am profoundly humble.

“Different stories; we all have different stories in this great land of ours, but we all have common hopes, and America, this is our moment, our valley of decision. Let me tell you one thing: I stand before you tonight not with faith in myself, but with a limitless faith — yes, I say limitless faith — in the decency, wisdom, kindness, goodness, intelligence, courage, generosity, subtlety, openness, empathy, discernment, depth, and objectivity of the American people.

“You know what the cynics say: that I am too black for the white people, and too white for the black people. They say that my skin is a no man’s land. But I say it’s a land for all people. Come to me, y’all! For I believe there is an America behind all the false labels we try to stick on people. We are Americans. No labels, please. We are Americans.

“Yes, my friends, behind the point-scoring of Washington — and why do people try and score points all the time? — the Americans are good people, the best of people, the greatest of people, who want a better future for themselves and their children. Universal healthcare, an end to suffering, all children out of poverty, and our armies out of Iraq, so that that wonderful land can become Eden again. I believe it shall be so.

“America, I tell you no lie. This moment will define not only a generation, but the future of the universe. Let this be the time when the rise of the oceans begins to slow, when human hearts melt into psychic oneness, and our planet begins to heal. We cannot afford to keep doing what we are doing. We must face, head-on, the evils of the 21st century: terrorism, nuclear weapons, genocide, climate change, poverty, disease, and overstatement. They are our enemies — not the Republicans.

“People say that we set our sights too high. I don’t think so. We shall be the perfect union. Out of many, we shall be truly one. This is the vision; this is what our forebears dreamed of — a more perfect union. It is the time for our very best selves and our highest ideals.

“May God bless the United States of America. And may the United States of America bless God. He sure could learn a thing or two from us.”


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