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Church Times Advertising Current Rates

Advertising in the Church Times means your message will be seen by thousands of faithful readers who are engaged and proactive in the daily life of the church. The paper has a weekly distribution of 18,000, while the website attracts over 40,000 unique visitors every week.

Contact Us

Telephone: 020 7776 1010 (Classified Ads desk) or 020 776 1011 (Run of paper i.e. news pages display advertising -  Stephen Dutton)
Email: ads@churchtimes.co.uk

Classified Advertisements

RECRUITMENT ADVERTISING PER Single Column Centimetre (s.c.c). £15.60
(Primary & Secondary School Teachers, Organists, Clerical, Appointments, Youth Work, Situations Vacant etc.)
CLASSIFIED DISPLAY & SEMI DISPLAY - PER Single Column Centimetre (s.c.c). £15.60
LINEAGE - PER WORD (12 words minimum) £0.99

Space bookings recommended 7 days prior to publication date.

Copy deadline Monday 5.00pm.

GOLDEN GUARANTEE Ask about our Until Filled guarantee! All recruitment advertisements are posted on our website: jobs.churchtimes.co.uk

Special pre-paid discount on holiday lineage, 5 insertions for the price of 4.

 Editorial Display Advertisements from 1 October 2023

PER Single Column Centimetre £15.60
PAGE (340 mm x 265 mm wide) £2650
1/4 PAGE (170 mm × 130 mm wide) £662.50
1/2 PAGE (170 mm × 265 mm wide) £1325

Colour charge is £40 up to a Quarter page; anything bigger is £120

Space bookings recommended 14 days prior to publication date.

Copy deadline for run of paper display advertising is Friday 5.00pm (date preceding Friday publications).


Bookings, subject to availability, required two weeks prior to date of publication; sample copies are required for approval.

Any size from 150mm x 110mm up to 290mm x 190mm. Usual sizes supplied are A5 or A4. No concertina or zed-folds.

Under 19g, per thousand £70
20g-29g, per thousand £77
30g-49g, per thousand £86
50g-69g, per thousand £93
+ £10 per 10g band thereafter by negotiation

A 25% surcharge may be applied for print runs of less than 10,000 inserts.



Other Opportunities


Sponsor the Scribble Pad for only £30 a week plus VAT (extra charge for colour).


£7.00 per s.c.c. Bigger discounts for longer bookings.
• 2-5 issues, less 30%
• 6-9 issues, less 35%
• 10-12 issues, less 40%


Mechanical Data

Classified: 6 columns to the page
Displayed: 5 columns to the page

Dimensions for editorial pages
Single column width 49 mm
Double column width 103 mm
Triple column width 157 mm
Four column width 211 mm
Whole page 340 × 265 mm
Half page 170 × 265 mm
Quarter page 170 × 130 mm

Dimensions for classified pages
Single column width 41 mm
Double column width 85 mm
Triple column width 130mm
Four column width 175 mm
Five column width 220 mm
Whole page width 265 mm

Centre-page supplements of 4 or 8 pages accepted by arrangement.

Artwork should supplied as 200 dpi CMYK pdf files with fonts embedded.

Copy with or without logos/pictures can also be supplied for setting. Full production specifications are available on request.

Copy Deadline: for classified
To guarantee insertion date, space bookings are required 7 days prior to publication.

Copy Deadline: for editorial
To guarantee insertion date, space bookings are required 14 days prior to publication.


Web Advertising

The Church Times website is editorially driven and attracts thousands of visitors each week. The site is designed so that advertisements appear randomly on any given page.

Choose to advertise on either the Church Times website or other sites within the Hymns Ancient & Modern group. If you decide to advertise in both areas, you will receive a 10% discount on the overall price.

Church Times website banner ad size:
600 pixels wide x 500 pixels deep - static JPEG or animated GIF

Please note: your advert will appear at various sizes to ensure it displays well on mobile devices as well as on computer screens. Please check that your artwork is legible when scaled down to 300 pixels wide.

For further details please get in touch: stephen@churchtimes.co.uk 


New Media Opportunities

The Church Times App - Android and uiOS (Apple)

This is a digital version of the Church Times newspaper, reflecting the content of the printed paper and enabled for mobile phones, ipads and tablets.

The Android variant takes jpegs or gifs as per the web. £240 for (up to) eight weeks 


The Church Times daily email newsletter

The free e-newsletter features a sample of the day’s news and comment. It is sent each day, Monday to Friday, to over 19,000 recipients. It has a regular open-rate of 45-60%. 

Each e-newsletter includes four MPU-sized ads.

 To sponsor the Church Times app or e-newsletter and to check prices and availability, contact the Advertisement Manager, Stephen Dutton on 0207 776 1011
or email stephen@churchtimes.co.uk 


TERMS & CONDITIONS (All advertising)

Church Times reserves the right to edit, revise, or reject any advertisement, loose insert, or other content (collectively “advertising” or “advertisement”) for any reason.

Church Times shall accept no liability whatsoever, by reason of error, for which they may be responsible for any advertisement beyond liability to give the advertiser a free space for advertisements materially affected by the error. It is our obligation to give such space only for the next publication thereafter if advised immediately after the first issue in which the advertisement is posted. Where errors occur on composite recruitment advertisements, only the specific vacancy where the error occurs will be republished. For errors on a series of advertisements the paper is liable only for the first advertisement in the series.

Church Times does not guarantee any given level of circulation, distribution, reach or readership for an advertisement; excepting that the paper has an audited circulation sale verified by independent auditors.

The advertiser jointly and severally assumes liability for all content (including text representation, illustrations) of advertisements published and also assumes responsibility for any claims arising therefrom and made against Church Times, including all costs associated with defending any such claim. The advertiser warrants and represents that it has all rights to display the content it seeks to display.

Church Times shall be under no liability for its failure, from any cause whatsover, to publish an advertisement or loose advertising material. 

The advertiser must ensure that any information or material posted or submitted for publication is accurate, and complete in all material respects, up-to-date and not misleading; is not defamatory, threatening, abusive or obscene, does not infringe any third party intellectual property rights and does not contain any other unlawful content. Disputes will be referred to the ASA for jurisdiction.

Cancellations, corrections, changes of advertising dates and/or changes of advertising content cannot be guaranteed between the time the order is placed and the initial publication.

Orders are accepted by Church Times subject to the foregoing terms and conditions. Any other terms, conditions, rates or agreements not set forth herein or in current rate schedules are not binding. Any modification of these terms and conditions is effective only if set forth in a separate written agreement signed by a duly authorised representative of Church Times.

All private lineage advertising and any new business advertising is accepted on pre-paid basis. Loose inserts are carried on 7 day terms. Payment is due within 7 days of the publication carrying the insert. All other credit-term advertising is due within 28 days of publication

For the purposes of these terms and conditions Church Times and related publications includes the print versions, website versions, apps, e-letters, social media, and anything else deemed to be “publishing”.

For more details please contact us on 020 7776 1010.


UNTIL FILLED Vacancy advertising

This is a unique offer from the Church Times which has certain specific terms and condition in addition to, and over and above, our general terms.

The premium package must be booked in advance of publication.

It applies only to vacancies that are advertised for a minimum of two issues.

On payment of the premium (or a promise to pay the premium) at the time of publication, the Church Times GUARANTEES to republish the same advertisement as many times as the advertiser wishes.

The advertiser has three months after publication to decide whether the initial two advertisements have been successful. If he or she has not contacted the Advertisement Depart­ment within that time, the ‘Until Filled’ offer will lapse.

If the advertiser wishes to re-advertise the post for any reason within that period, they must contact the Advertisement Department before 10 a.m. on the Monday (or in the event of a bank holiday, the Tuesday) of the week in which republication is required. The paper will then republish the advertisement, both in print and online, for a further week. And each week thereafter on request.

The facility to re-advertise in any three month period remains valid from the last date of insertion, during which, once again, the advertiser may ask for the advertisement to be repeated.

If no contact is made within the final three months, the ‘Until Filled’ offer lapses. This process can be repeated until the advertiser is satisfied.

Verbal instructions by telephone and written requests by email, fax or post will be accepted, providing deadlines are adhered to.

Jobs should carry a closing date for applications. Copy in the advertisement cannot be altered except to change the closing date for applications and any other related dates, such as inter­views etc.

In the case of multiple job adverts (i.e. where more than one vacancy is listed), an instruction to republish the whole advertisement will be accepted provided not fewer than half the listed vacancies are still open. Strike-through of filled posts may be possible but remakes of layout or copy cannot be accepted. In such circumstances we strongly recommend a new job-specific post is paid for and placed accordingly.

Only advertisements that are job-specific will qualify for ‘Until Filled’. Composites and advertising that is generic, general in terminology, or a repeating annual or periodic recruit will not be accepted. Simple multiple job listings do not qualify.

Roles that involve an honorary payment or similar may be considered for Until Filled. For example a scholarship role may be accepted but the publishers reserve the right to limit the Until Filled offer to a number of re-insertions

The offer is intended to improve the chances of filling a specific vacancy. The term GUARANTEE applies only to the promise to republish the advertisement. It does not guarantee to fill the vacancy.

The above conditions notwithstanding, the paper reserves the right to refuse any advertising without giving any reason and to withdraw any advertisement at any time with­out explanation.  E&OE

This version of T & C’s revised 18/12/19 and supersedes all others. 

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