Crossword No. 939 by Philip Marlow

07 January 2008


 1 Mission? A place I fancy retaining power in bishops’ rule (15)

 9 Serving like current incumbent in parish? (2,5)

10 Entertaining girls, say, recalled by one quiet old copper (7)

11 Someone like Peter gets lots working in a gym (7)

12 Singer taking in mass to be in a jittery state (7)

13 OT character appearing in virtually half of OT book (4)

15 Trouble suppressed by kind figure at rear of procession? (4-5)

17 Party sure to stray in sermon (9)

19 What might come from holy men pouring out their hearts? (4)

22 Obstinate man originally appearing with a set of books (7)

24 Former archbishop with time for guide (7)

26 Woman brought in conflicting directions for nurses (7)

27 Opportunist switching sides ultimately in part of church (7)

28 Thurifer’s first noting role boss deployed in charismatic religious activity (7,8)


 1 Prophet and priest on revolutionary pilgrimage (6)

 2 One place kept by utopian author to pray earnestly? (7)

 3 Writer abandoning liking for church music (5)

 4 Short study about modern leader in choir (9)

 5 Worthless knowledge (5)

 6 Gideon’s son transported each mile around front of battlefield (9)

 7 Eli’s grandson and companion with a bishop among business leaders (7)

 8 I soothe tension from service before regret arises (7)

14 One very good Catholic concealing old feeling of loneliness (9)

16 Convert clad in tie is no different (9)

17 Systematic search improperly granted (7)

18 Noted organist who leaves a mark? (7)

20 Some formal achievement for prophet (7)

21 Holy figure joins a prisoner in detention camp (6)

23 Leaders of Sunday school inspired by Eastern values and poet (5)

25 Design what’s required for a comfortable living (5)

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