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EDUCATION: Reading up on the subject

Its Your Move: Your guide to moving to secondary schoo
Scripture Union 2.99 or 12 for pack of ten (1-84427-212-5)
THE secondary-school exam season is in full swing. Plans for next year aron hold as Year 11 students grapple with GCSEs, and sixth-formers tackle AS anA2. But in primary schools SAT tests are over. Although teachers and pupilalike may well be throwing themselves into the end-of-year production, mindand hearts are drifting elsewhere; for Year 6s will soon be Year 7s, and thameans a change of school, and a whole new way of life.The myths surrounding the process of changing schools remain much the samas they always have been, involving stories of being thrown into the schoodustbins, or having ones head shoved down the loo. But, thankfully, there inow greater understanding of the pressures involved.Its Your Move is a highly laudable attempt to deal with childrenconcerns. Page 24 is a good illustration, focusing on the kind of dilemmas alchildren face. A new Year 7 pupil sees older children deliberately bunging uthe sinks with loo paper to create a flood. How to react? Ignore it? Tell teacher? Clear it up? To join in would be a more mischievous suggestioperhaps. (Amazing how many crises develop in the school loos, and thplayground is a battlefield as well.)Part of the trauma of the move from primary to secondary is created by thsheer contrast in size, and with the kind of intensive care the best primarschools are able to lavish on their children. Primary schools would be weladvised to have a look at this competitively priced little volume.Oranges and Lemons: Life in an inner city primary schoo
Wendy Wallac
Routledge 6.50 (0-415-35909-0)
THIS is a highly readable account of a year in the life of Edith NevillPrimary School "just a stones throw away from heroin-riddled Kings Cross". AEdith Neville, 80 per cent of students speak languages other than Englishtwo-thirds are entitled to free school meals, and, in the words of thheadteacher, "family dysfunction is the battleground."Wendy Wallace is an experienced educational journalist, well known treaders of the TES, and it shows. She has chosen her story well. Few primarschools will have an Oxford PPE-graduate Christian head teacher who has marriea Muslim member of his staff. You could read this on holiday, and be inspired Faith Studies and Ethic
Lesley Parr
Hodder Murray 11.9
(0-340-90656 1)
Religion and Lif
Victor Watto
Hodder Murray 11.9
THE curriculum continues to be dominated by ethical issues, especially aKey Stage 4. Such is the growth in interest and numbers studying GCSE that Rpublishers can now happily produce volumes for particular exam boards and eveparticular syllabuses among the bewildering range on offer.They are of a uniformly high standard, and both students and teacherappreciate the specificity of the content in Faith Studies and Ethics to thforthcoming examination. Hodder Murray is geared towards AQA Spec. B and, frothe same publisher, Religion and Life is aimed at Edexcel Spec. A.Both resources are superbly produced, and use bang-up-to-datsubject-matter. You are just as likely to be discussing The Vicar of Dibley anEastEnders, as well as Richard Dawkins. Splendid stuff.Just Now Stories: Exploring social justice in the literacy hou
Julia Ipgrav
RE Today Services 29.5
ALL PRIMARY SCHOOLS will appreciate the Just Now Stories; so do not bmisled by the pompous sub-title or the seemingly exorbitant price. The materiais fun, photo-copiable, meaningful, and highly accessible. The ugly ducklingthe Good Samaritan, and Rosa Parks, inter alia. Being left out, racism, and thcall of freedom all skilfully linked to literacy objectives.This is a teachers dream, with hours of preparation time saved. When yoare really at a loss on a wet Friday in November, the little tots will lovcolouring the pictures in. Brilliant.&nbsLive It! Building skills for Christian living, bullying angossiping: Leaders guid
Abingdon Press 9.9
CHURCH secondary schools can usefully prepare themselves for their incomintrembling 11-year-olds by investing in Live It! The material is very Christiana touch American in flavour, but very, very aware.Bullying is taking ever more insidious aspects, especially with thdevelopment of modern technology, and this volume reflects that. Again, thpublishers are to be congratulated on the appositeness of the examples choseand the excellence of the reproducible material. Im not so sure about the usof "tween" to describe adolescents, though: its clever and less dated tha"teenagers", but too close to "twee" for comfort. The Teachers Little Pocket Boo
Salisbury Diocese 3 (one free for every ten ordered)
In recent years, the Careers Research and Advisory Centre (CRAC) haproduced an excellent little volume, The Teachers Little Pocket Book. It ipacked full of information related to conditions of service, pay, health ansafety, school governance, and useful points of contact, and is priced a6.99. The publishing initiative of the year, then, must belong to the SalisburDiocesan Board of Education, which having obviously entered into some kinof deal with CRAC to buy a job lot has added 48 pages of information anadvice specific to church schools, and is now knocking it out at less than halthe original price.Just a note of caution however. The edition on offer from the diocese i2005-6 (and the academic year ends in August). But its still a great dealSalisbury, Del Boy would be proud of you. Order via Salisbury DBEkaren.beaver@salisbury.anglican.orgDennis Richards Collective worshipCOLLECTIVE WORSHIP will be back on the public agenda as a result of thChurches joint statementThe joint website run by, and accessed through. the websites of the CulhaInstitute and the National Society for Promoting Religious Education (direcaccess is an archive of resources and a prayer bank searchable by topic, ageseason of the year, and keyword. Advice is provided on how to use thresources, some of which are also available in Welsh.The links section provides access to other online resources. Seventy othesites are listed, including 12 dedicated collective-worship sites. Other linkprovide resources for putting together your own occasions, with prayerson-line stories, biographies, quotations, music, and art available. Much of thmaterial is also easily adaptable for all-age worship in churches, and ninlinks provide access to websites focusing on this.The site has been designed for busy heads, teachers, and clergy who need variety of high-quality resources, but dont want to wade through thhalf-a-million UK sites thrown up by a Google search on "collective worship"Start with the resources provided at, have a look asome of the other sites in the links section, but, if you value your time ansanity, dont Google it. And remember, unlike published resources, virtuallall of it is free.John Gay&nbsAssembly resourcesAssemblies That Coun
Stapleford Centre 8.9
On the Shoulders of Giant
Stapleford Centre 14.99, including CD (1-9022-3418-9
20 for both
Assemblies That Count and On the Shoulders of Giants together providassemblies and songs relating to the National Numeracy Strategy, linked in witkey Christian beliefs. There are photocopiable illustrations, and a prayer anreflection for each assembly.The maths content includes infinity, big and small, time, measuring, anshape, while themes include Gods never-ending love, saints, God as designerjustice and fairness, and gifts of the Holy Spirit.On the Shoulders of Giants provides 12 songs linked to the assemblies, anincludes a CD containing backing tracks and sung versions of the songs.Assemblies for Infant
Stapleford 11.50 each or 27.50 set of thre
(Book one: 1-8517-510-X; Book two: 1-8517-5171-8; Book three1-8517-5172-6)
Assemblies For Infants includes a series of three books (one per term), eaccontaining 50 assemblies covering some seasonal material and some generathemes relevant to Key Stage One pupils. Themes include Bible stories ancharacters, other children, church visits, and music. 
The "Assembling Citizens" website, run by the Stapleford Centre, provideassembly materials for secondary schools dealing with Citizenship.Themes including self, relationships, healthy lifestyle, environmentcitizens and politics, active citizens, special occasions and current affairare explored, and within each assembly there is a choice of material to includusing biblical and/or non-biblical options.Every week material for a new assembly is added (available free of charge)focusing on some aspect of current affairs.This is an invaluable resource for clergy, teachers, Christian schoolworkers, and all who lead assemblies in secondary schools.For access to a bank of more than 400 assemblies, there is an annuasubscription fee of 30 and a one off registration fee of 15.For further information, phone the Stapleford Centre on 0115 9396270.

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