Methodist method for avoiding swine flu

10 June 2009

(CREDIT: iStock)

(CREDIT: iStock)

From Mr Chris Lowry

Sir, — Recently, I noticed in an Anglican newsletter the concern about how to handle the administra­tion of communion if the flu pan­demic becomes a reality. The view expressed was that only bread would be distributed, to avoid the spread of flu germs.

It did not seem to occur to the author that other Christian denom­ina­tions administer communion differently, and — even more relevant — that the denomination with which we signed a Covenant just a few years ago has a way of administering wine which would solve this difficulty.

I refer, of course, to the Methodist Church, where wine is poured into individual little glasses. At the Anglican-Methodist local ecumen­ical partnership (LEP) where I worship, we have wine in both types of receptacle at every communion service; so this seems an obvious solution.

Mind you, it does not seem to me that either denomination is taking the Covenant seriously — like most people in my LEP, I am a joint member of both denominations, and it annoys me that such a potentially fruitful document is being allowed to “fester”.

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