Notice board: Fiction

19 December 2014


C. S. LEWIS's The Screwtape Letters is the pattern that Richard Platt follows in One Devil to Another, in which Slashreap corresponds with Scardagger, his new protégé and nephew. The letters cover eternal issues such as faith and doubt, pain and pride, but also those relating to our own times: homosexuality, computers, televisions, mobile phones, and so on (Tyndale House, £10.99 (£9.89); 978-1-4143-7166-5).

Luke Paul is the story of Capelaw, a fictional parish that Finlay Macdonald has invented, and its eponymous minister. The background to his book is the Church of Scotland debate on same-sex relationships and ministry. His main aim is to look at the implications of the debate on normal parish life, but he hopes also that readers will acknowledge that a diversity of views is a quite valid position within the Church (Shoving Leopard, £12.95 (£11.65); 978-1-905565-21-4).

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