Harvest in Tesco

02 November 2006

ST ANDREW'S, HOVE (Chichester diocese), shared its celebration of harvest with the new branch of Tesco next door. The branch manager was very willing for church members to spend all of Saturday distributing 3500 leaflets to shoppers as they went into the supermarket.

The leaflet was the work of the NSM at St Andrew's, the Revd Martin Poole. It followed the layout of the store with a biblical verse and a little reflection for each section. In front of the fruit
and vegetables, for instance, there was the quotation from Luke 6.43-45 about the fruit from a good and a worthless tree, and at each section was a display board reflecting on the wonder of creation.

Mr Poole tells me he saw many people stopping to read the leaflet at the appropriate place, and had many positive comments as people came out of the store. Some said how much they had enjoyed it, and that it had made them think; and others said that it was "good to see the Church doing things in the real world".

Harvest festivals are popular in Hove; so Mr Poole's motive was not so much to attract people to church as to encourage deeper insights as they shopped. The Tesco manager was pleased, and said he would be ready to do something like it again. So Mr Poole is having thoughts about Christmas. . .

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