Why Radio 3 can't be like the Third

02 November 2006


Sir, - I must offer an alternative view of Radio 3 to that of David Self"The end of litism"< href="/80256fa1003e05c1/httppublicpages/d280bd898a7c2bd1802571f00040cd69?opendocumentComment, 22 September). Times change, and agencies must change. There habeen a huge expansion of the very varied, wide-ranging, and good-quality musiprogrammes since the 1940s, now covering 24 hours daily - this alone a greaboon. And Radio 4 is, often, a stimulating alternativ
How to define education? Surely this is a life-long process of input anabsorption, integration, and the raising of awareness. I, for one, find thathrough Radio 3 I am constantly learning more about music: about its contextabout tone and instrumentation, shape and constructio
Also, a word of praise for the presenters. They treat their radio audiencas adults. Their introductions and commentaries are sensible, avoiding triviand hype. They have a sensitive touc
Young musicians' skills have come to the fore, and one is astonished at aninspired by their achievement. There is still mystery at the heart of music. cannot seem to trace the following quotation, but it says it all:  " .="" .="" one="" only,="" music,="" ravishes="" the="" mind,="" and="" carries="" it="" heavenward="" without="">
Please let us have more encouragement of Radio 3, not disparagemen
St Agnes Cotta
20 St Swithun Stre
Hampshire SP23 9JP

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