MU members want to clean up their global footprint

02 November 2006

MOTHERS should abandon their cars and walk to the shops to help save thplanet from overheating, but only if it's not too difficult. They should alscut down on the Sunday roast.

The appeal to embrace a more ethical life-style, for men as well as fowomen, comes in a Mothers' Union booklet, Fair Enough?, which is duout this month.

But although the advice might seem modest, it could have considerable impacif it is adopted by the MU's 3.4-million worldwide membership.

The Fair Enough? checklist says MU members could make a differencto climate change by flying less, using public transport, cutting their centraheating by one degree, using their computers less, turning off the TV and otheequipment at the mains, and generally being more efficient in their use oenergy.

"Planes and cars emit vast amounts of greenhouse gasses," it warned.

It also recommends people buy less meat, buy products with less packaginguse local shops, and buy fairly traded goods, and goods from ethicallregistered companies.

"We are not calling on people to stop flying, but they should flthoughtfully," a spokeswoman said on Wednesday. There was no question of Mmembers picketing airports, she said. Fleur Dorrell, head of the Faith anPolicy unit that produced the booklet, said that many MU members or theihusbands worked in these industries, and they did not want them to go bust.

"But people who take four holidays a year by plane may want to think whethethey could go by train instead," she said.

Ms Dorrell bought second-hand clothes from charity shops, and the money wento good causes. But she was not saying everyone had to do that.

Climate rally.
Christian Ecology Link and Operation Noah, the Churches Together in Britaiand Ireland response to climate change, are organising a service at GrosvenoChapel, South Audley Street, London, before joining the Campaign AgainsClimate Change Rally march from Grosvenor Square to Trafalgar Square at noon o4 November. Other events and services are also being organised for the "I Coun rally, organised by the coalition Stop Climate Chao

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