Driving good sense

02 November 2006

THE DEEP lanes of Cornwall dont take kindly to modern traffic, and the RevLouise Courtney has two parishes and three churches to look after in diocese. She is also very pollution-conscious. Her solution habeen to buy a quad bike on which to get around her cures of Lansallos anLanteglos, which together cover a wide and scattered area on the side of thestuary opposite Fowey. It is beautiful, she tells me.

There are many second homes in her parishes, and many summer visitors, anthe local shops have mostly closed. But those who have second homes there "comoften they have a loyalty here"; so the villages dont close down for halthe year, as they do in other parts of the peninsula.

Miss Courtney clearly loves it there. She brings enthusiasm and very varieexperience to her pastoral work. Before she was ordained four years ago, shhad been an air hostess, a commodity broker, and a fast-food restaurateur.

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