Science and the Bible: Evidence-based Christian belief

02 November 2006


Templeton Foundation Press 13.99 (1-932031-93-6)

"THIS is the way the world is made: let us rejoice and give thanks in it.With this mantra, gently adapted from Psalm 118, Ted Burge faced the news, i1997, that he has Hodgkin's disease (cancer of the lymphatic system). He thinkand writes as a scientist; he prays as a Christian. These twin threads in hilife are a powerful combination.
"This is the way thworld is made": the author perceives the Creator as the God of order, the Gowho, out of love for our freedom, limited his power, generating a predictablworld, comprehensible to science - a world order that emerges through evolutioand therefore death, a world in which pain and suffering are not primarily thresult of the Fall, but are an inevitable consequence of the way we are beinmade. Creation is a work in progress: "And God saw that it was good, but nogood enough."
The author is Emeritus Professor oNuclear Physics in London University: for him "knowledge of science iknowledge of God's creation." The reader is in safe hand
This book is an open-minded enquiry into Christian beliefs. It covers mucground, including early-Church theology, archaeology and history, hymnologymiracles, textual criticism, myth, metaphor, and scripture. The canter casometimes seem too fast; but it is worth i
Burge raises the questions that we have to ask today if our faith is to bsensibly and solidly grounded. The Bible is to be read thoughtfully ancritically, not treated as an idol. We must dig for the truths that lie behinand within biblical imagery and story-telling. We must then test these truthagainst our experience and that of others, and test ourselves in the light othe truths
That Christ died for our sins is central to Christian theology. But this ionly words, unless it comes to mean something in our own experience. This iwhere Burge looks for evidence of the truth of the belie
The Revd Adam Ford is a former chaplain of St Paul's School for Girlin London.


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