To the crease once more

02 November 2006

WARMER WEATHER is here at last, the London Marathon is out of the way, and there are no international sporting events of any note coming up in the next few months.

Thoughts inevitably turn to the Church Times Cricket Cup, therefore. This unique tournament, run each year by the Church Times since 1951, is highly praised by all who take part, even those who unaccountably find themselves on the losing side every now and again.

The clergy who play in the tournament tell us that there’s little that can beat a day in the open air to put parish pressures into perspective. Some diocesan staff have got the message, but a few more might consider cancelling the odd meeting in exchange for a day in the nets. Could there be anything healthier for our clergy (if you ignore the odd sporting injury)?

The most important part of this page is the list of secretaries below. We give their contact details because they want to hear from any cleric in their diocese who would like to play in the diocesan side. A number of games last year were scratched because too few players could be assembled on the day.

It cannot be said too often that you don’t have to be very good (or very fit) to play Church Times cricket. You don’t have to be male. You don’t even have to be clerical: the rules allow each side to contain up to three full-time church workers or holders of a bishop’s licence.

The only criterion is that you must be prepared to start the day exclaiming: "How could I have thought I had time for this?" and end it asking: "Why don’t I do this more often?"


It's not about winning: on the other hand, David Seymour, the Salisbury captain, looks pleased as he holds aloft the Church Times Cup RICHARD WATT

Full table of regional groups, list of secretaries, and final dates for matches here


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