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Learning process

Edward Wickham listens to an account of terminal cancer

Filling in the gaps

Gillean Craig finds that Mark and Jez are "still descending into new depths of glorious failure"

Dynastic questions

WHO was the only king to live in Rome, second in social precedence only to the Pope? For several decades, it was, in fact, the British monarch James III and VII. Unfortunately, his countrymen, by and large, refused to admit that he was their king, solid in their allegiance to the...

Shylock examined

OF ALL the enormities broadcast on TV last week, none was so distressing to churchpeople (even though, as they say nowadays, nobody died) as the enforced baptism of a Jew. It was a made-up scene appended to a recent Shakespeare’s Globe production of The Merchant of Venice, depicting...

Thor and Christ

Fargo is fiercely intelligent, even intellectual, TV, says Gillean Craig

Life on the farm

Gillean Craig considers a sitcom set in the 1970s

Poetic identity

Gillean Craig reviews a new biography of Ted Hughes

Facial recognition

THERE was far more religion than I had expected in BBC2’s excellent The Face of Britain by Simon Schama (Wednesday of last week). His earliest example was the beautiful medieval wall-paintings in a pilgrims’ hostel at Piccotts End, Hertfordshire — a rare survival of pre-Reformation...

Lacking in spirit

A WARM welcome to a show that seeks to overturn outworn stereotypes

Games people play

Gillean Craig enjoys an exploration of video games

A moment in time

Gillean Craig enjoys a stylish presentation about the dawn

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BANISTER. The Revd Jane Banister, NS Associate Minister...

Readings: 1st Sunday of Advent

Jeremiah 33.14-16; Psalm 25.1-9; 1 Thessalonians 3.9-end;...


Bishop to retire THE Rt Revd Christopher Edmondson,...

Former chaplain Roger Wakely jailed for sexual abuse of teenage boys

Former chaplain Roger Wakely jailed for sexual abuse of teenage boys

A RETIRED priest has been sentenced to 13 years in...

New Synod is told: be united and outward-looking

New Synod is told: be united and outward-looking

A PLEA for unity, not only among Anglicans, but across...

Job of the week

Chaplain - Development

West Midlands

VACANCY ADVERTISEMENT CHAPLAIN - DEVELOPMENT 18.75 HOURS PER WEEK The Pastoral Care Team at The Myton Hospices is committed to the provision of spiritual care across the organisation and deliveri...  Read More

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Top feature

The lighter side of fund-raising

The lighter side of fund-raising

Maggie Durran reviews entries to a competition to find the best fund-raising ideas  Read More

Question of the week
Would you like to see religious ads at the cinema?

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Top comment

Questions to weigh before bombing

Just-war theory can guide MPs in these decisions, says Paul Vallely  Subscribe to read more

Mon 30 Nov 15 @ 10:59
The lighter side of fund-raising | Maggie Durran reviews some novel ideas to raise cash

Sun 29 Nov 15 @ 18:29
Global poll shows that vast majority of Muslims despise Islamic State