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Prized possessions

Gillean Craig watches Britain’s Forgotten Slave Owners

False assumptions

Gillean Craig enjoys a programme about Lord Bragg that is "more revealing and more touching than anything I had seen previously"

Perfect match

Gillean Craig thinks that a marriage experiment raises more questions than it answers

Heavyweight pair

Gillean Craig watches a meeting of minds

Tribal soap opera

Gillean Craig finds The Tribe exactly like EastEnders. Except real, and altogether more admirable

Auntie’s war effort

Gillean Craig finds a programme about the BBC and war has extraordinary personal and national resonance;

Tropical getaway

Gillean Craig witnesses a "breaktakingly beautiful" creation in the Tongan archipelago

Life in the present

Gillean Craig is moved by an exploration of dementia

Dreams and visions

Gillean Craig sees a "persuasive work of revisionism" about Winston Churchill

Gruel and truffles

David Winter tunes into Benefits Britain

Evening classes

Gillean Craig finds a brilliant retelling of "the eternal theme of the pity of war"

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Absconding rector hands himself in after three days on the run

Absconding rector hands himself in after three days on the run

A PRIEST who absconded from court last week, just as...


New Dean for Chicago  THE next Dean of St James’s Episcopal...

Readings: 9th Sunday after Trinity

2 Samuel 11.26-12.13a; Psalm 51.1-13; Ephesians 4.1-16;...

Resignations and retirements

Dean of Lincoln to retire THE Very Revd Philip Buckler,...

Cheers ring out after women are consecrated

Cheers ring out after women are consecrated

“PLEASE be a little bit dangerous,” the Bishop of Stepney,...

Job of the week


North West

ST MICHAEL'S CE HIGH SCHOOL, CHORLEY, LANCASHIRE 'Excellence within a Christian Context' Pending the retirement of our present highly successful Headteacher in December 2015, the governors are seek...  Read More

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Top feature

A vase? You must be kidding

A vase? You must be kidding

Flower festivals have become big business, attracting visitors and funds. Jemima Thackray plots their growth  Subscribe to read more

Question of the week
Regardless of the amount given, are there fewer people donating to your church than in previous years?

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Top comment

Smug and weird — no wonder it’s a turn-off

Congregations need to welcome newcomers with a sensitivity to their questions and doubts, says Christopher Whitby  Read More

Fri 31 Jul 15 @ 18:59
@steveLIVS @RhodesWriter @c_of_e It wasn't our data, it was a survey by the British Election Study. HS

Fri 31 Jul 15 @ 15:25
Giving in @c_of_e up to £1 billion. But number of givers falling