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An artist’s roots

Television: "I WANT to broaden things out, not narrow them down." So the artist, in Hockney (BBC2, Saturday), explained the reason behind the reverse perspective with which he experiments

Criminal minds

Television: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle can write crime fiction - can he solve a real crime? This is the scenario of ITV's new Arthur and George, based on Julian Barnes's novel, retelling a sensational true history.

Suffragettes’ tale

Television: Suffragettes Forever! The Story of Women and Power is a documentary fuelled by indignation at the way in which women were repressed, by the way married women were the property of their husbands, and by the innumerable indignities visited on them down the ages

Under the dome

Television: Eager to learn all there is to know about our diocese's mother church, I couldn't miss Secrets of St Paul's Cathedral.  How does the stupendous dome stay up?

Woman of her time

Gillean Craig reviews the secret life of a Tudor woman

Rabbinical work

Television:  THE struggles of the Church of England to achieve the ordination of women were placed in sobering perspective by Regina: The first woman rabbi

Seventy years later

Television:  TOUCHED by Auschwitz, marking the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camp, was one of several documentaries broadcast last week on the theme of the Holocaust

Novel approach

Television: STUDIES of the Reformation, and the general understanding of the origin of the Church of England, will be given a tremendous boost by the screening of Wolf Hall, BBC2's adaptation of Hilary Mantel's novels

Too many twists

Television: AM I the only viewer in Britain not to be entranced by Broadchurch (ITV, Mondays)? This murder thriller has returned, receiving universal plaudits that eclipse even the rapturous praise showered on the first series

Palatial ceremony

Television: Britain's Tudor Treasure: A night at Hampton Court celebrated the palace's 500th anniversary and was an appetite-whetter for the fast-approaching TV realisation of Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall

Buried treasure

Television: IT IS curious, when you think about it, that the Sovereign is awarded the Christmas Day TV message to the nation, while the Primate gets the New Year address. Logically, for cultic and social reasons, it would make more sense the other way round

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The diocese of Southwark, and how Evangelicals see it

From the Archdeacon of Lewisham and Greenwich, the Archdeacon...


Cross of St Piran  THE Bishop of Truro, the...

Canon apologises for Muslim prayers in church

Canon apologises for Muslim prayers in church

A PRIEST in the diocese of Southwark who opened up...

Where liberal tolerance meets fundamentalism

Where liberal tolerance meets fundamentalism

"YOU are a Christian minister. My son tells me that...

Resignations and retirements

BROOKFIELD. The Revd Alun Brookfield, Priest-in-Charge...

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Diocese in Europe The Church of England Archdeacon of Germany & Northern Europe and Archdeacon of the East (with a diocesan brief for mission) This is a unique opportunity to contribute to th...  Read More

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The advocacy and the ecstasy

The advocacy and the ecstasy

St Teresa, born in Avila 500 years ago this weekend, is often depicted in a religious fervour. But there was much more to her than that, writes Laurie Vere  Subscribe to read more

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Can Christians be trendy?

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Lessons from history can teach us how to live

The long shadow of the past can not only illuminate the present but also point to a more hopeful future, writes David Monteith  Subscribe to read more

Thu 26 Mar 15 @ 20:01
Rachel Treweek goes to Gloucester as C of E's first woman diocesan bishop

Thu 26 Mar 15 @ 16:59
Rachel Treweek goes to Gloucester as C of E's first woman diocesan bishop