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Where's the challenge?


Television: HEARTWARMING, uplifting, religious - but essentially a safe bet. BBC2 offers us another fly-on-the-wall documentary series about the life of one of our great cathedrals: Canterbury Cathedral 

Some serious sci-fi

Television: HOW good to have a serious TV documentary that considered basic theological questions: what constitutes humanity, the nature of life itself, the responsibility of the Creator to his creation

Murky territory

Television: IT SOMETIMES feels as if there is a new and horrible revelation about the sexual abuse of children every day

Horror stories

Television: THERE has been a row about the decision to re-release the Band Aid single "Do They Know It's Christmas?", 30 years after the original fund-raiser

On the front line

Television: Two seasonal themes dominated the schedules last week: Remembrance, and Children in Need

Lacklustre praise

Television: I sat down to watch Songs of Praise for Remembrance Sunday. There were several glitches, which undermined trust in the production; but, that aside, it was just a bit dull

Ward winning

Television: The first in the series of Children's Hospital: The chaplains (BBC2, Mondays) did what the title said: it followed the work of the multifaith team ministering at Birmingham Children's Hospital

No need for ghouls

Television: HOW patronising that TV schedulers consider that it is necessary to invoke the transatlantic cult of Hallowe'en to draw viewers to programmes on quite adequately fascinating topics

Jaw, jaw, no frisson

Television: I waited until the second episode of Grantchester, ITV's new detective series, lest the opener was atypical of the series, but, alas, it does not fill me with delight.

Mobile thrillers

Television: The mobile-phone video was the hinge of the plot in two high-end thrillers launched at the weekend: The Code  (BBC4, Saturday) and Homeland  (Channel 4, Sunday)

Water feature

Television:  WHO owns a river? It is a good question, and it lay at the heart of Sacred Rivers With Simon Reeve

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Reforms needed to halt decline, says Archbishop Welby

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Job of the week

Lecturer in Biblical Studies

New Zealand

THE COLLEGE OF ST JOHN THE EVANGELIST LECTURER IN BIBLICAL STUDIES (known as 'The Sir Paul Reeves' Lecturer') St John's Theological College (An Anglican Seminary of the Province of Aotearoa, New ...  Read More

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I was there when the tsunami struck

I was there when the tsunami struck

Ten years ago, Maxwell Hutchinson and his wife were on holiday in Sri Lanka when it was torn apart by the tsunami. He tells how they survived  Subscribe to read more

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Should sanctions be imposed on clergy who marry a same-sex partner?

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There is no divine right of managers

Business should be learning from the Church rather than the other way round, argues Justin Lewis-Anthony  Subscribe to read more

Sat 20 Dec 14 @ 17:32
RT @StevenSaxbyThat's it: household chores done, I am off to @BrodiesBeers pub with bumper edition of @churchtimes !

Fri 19 Dec 14 @ 19:00
Pakistani Taliban condemned for Peshawar school massacre