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Television: BBC2's Women of World War One featured Kate Adie. The programme was about the way the part played by women in the Great War transformed their place in society

Live and emotional

Television: GIVE the BBC a decent anniversary, and it licks its lips in expectation. Give it a centenary, and joy is unconfined. On 4 August, the anniversary of the outbreak of the Great War, all the stops were pulled out, and the result was nearly seven hours of live television. 

Hope amid the hate

Television: CHILDREN OF SYRIA  brought to our comfortable living rooms the reality of war - not a century ago, but today, now. The BBC's Lyse Doucet produced a most powerful documentary: personal, direct, and involving. 

It’s in the air

Gillean Craig explores an "explicit celebration of British eccentricity"

What lies beneath

Gillean Craig watches Channel 4's exploration of alleged extremism in schools 


That’s so yesterday

Television: I was impressed by the range of theological resonance present in Jacques Peretti's documentary The Men Who Made Us Spend. It was an exposition of the history of consumerism, and specifically the rise of built-in obsolescence.

‘Can I help you?’

Television: Shopping is, indeed, quasi-liturgical, containing elements familiar from church: we must be prepared to make a personal sacrifice to gain the longed-for goal; and a minister guides the experience, offering either a free rein or subtly influencing our choice.

Me and my shadow

Television: MAKE four new converts this year. It is a simple evangelistic target, easily assessed, which you may well want to add to your Mission Action Plan. On the evidence before us, it is one that I'd reckon Elder Field has only the slimmest chance of achieving.

Two strands united

Television: The theologian Dr Robert Beckford took us on a journey unfamiliar to many in his Seven Wonders of Brazil; for he was focusing on that nation's diverse and vibrant religious life.

Display of skill

Television: Trooping the Colour Highlights (BBC2, Saturday). It is a curious process, forcing men to march in complex patterns, all individuality suppressed into machine-like conformity until the whole develops its own corporate personality.

Successful troops

Television: The BBC, quite rightly, trailed its coverage of D-Day 70: The heroes return as an epochal moment in our shared world history - a time when looking back to the past could redefine our present and inspire a better future.

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Resignations and retirements

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BECKETT. - On 23 December, the Revd Stanley Becket...

An angry voice and a tear

An angry voice and a tear

WHAT on earth is Sinéad O'Connor doing at the Greenbelt Festival? I ...

Did King Charles I have Asperger’s syndrome?

Did King Charles I have Asperger’s syndrome?

TODAY is the anniversary of the start of the English Ci...

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London and Home Counties

Diocese of Oxford Archdeaconry of Berkshire - Deanery of Newbury The Bishop of Reading seeks to appoint a VICAR for St. Mary the Virgin, Greenham Greenham is a single parish benefice on the sou...  Read More

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An angry voice and a tear

An angry voice and a tear

Sinéad O'Connor headlines at the Greenbelt Festival this Sunday, despite her very public history of animosity against the Roman Catholic Church. Is she a troublemaker, a publicity-seeker, or a prophet? Cole Moreton makes an evaluation  Read More

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Should the police and the BBC have broadcast the investigation into Sir Cliff Richard?

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Did King Charles I have Asperger’s syndrome?

New research suggests that the King's medical condition may have affected his decision-making, but it did not prevent his saving the Church of England, argues Robert Beaken  Subscribe to read more

Wed 27 Aug 14 @ 9:54
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