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Poor and struggling

Television: IF PASSIONTIDE is all about being at the mercy of others, then last Thursday was a good time for Panorama to screen Don't Cap My Benefits (BBC1). A film crew followed the fortunes of families in Brent, as the Government's new benefits policy begins to bite.

Perfidious friend

Television: MAUNDY THURSDAY would have been a far more appropriate day to screen Kim Philby: His most intimate betrayal, with its theme of betraying your closest friend.

Perplexed viewer

Television:  WHY am I the only member of the Church of England not to consider that Rev  (BBC2, Mondays) is the wittiest and most profound depiction of inner-city ministry that can be imagined? 

Lacking in context

Television: THE Reformation never took place - or so you might reasonably conclude from the first episode of A Very British Renaissance. James Fox is eager to tell us that, from the early 16th century, there was, in these islands, a remarkable flowering of every aspect of culture - painting, architecture, literature, science - which, he considers, is popularly underrated,

Shining example

Television: In Mind The Gap: London vs the rest, Evan Davis explored the difference between the growth and prosperity of the capital and the stagnation of economy elsewhere. He then travelled north to see whether something could be done about it.

Dark and light

Television: THE First Sunday of Lent, with its themes of temptation, and the tussle between good and evil, provided a surprisingly appropriate context for Good Swan, Bad Swan: Dancing Swan Lake

Internal regulator

Television: A couple of clergy turned up in Brushing Up On . . . Miniature Britain, a compilation of TV archive material which last week looked at our national obsession with making models. But the presenter, Danny Baker, wrecked what could have been enjoyable.

Let’s pretend

Television: AS LONG as you think it is real, does it matter whether it is actually real or not? Religion in general has long been accused of making a fat living by pedalling something that does not exist, which made the phenomena explored in Horizon's The Power of the Placebo fascinating, but also somewhat close to home.

Hunt for truth

Gillean Craig takes a look at Bible Hunters: "a tale of the courage of those who sought the oldest biblical manuscripts"

Crowing over us

Television:  Alas! Inside the Animal Mind demonstrated that some of our fellow species share the ability to consider a problem and work out a solution far more complex than can be categorised as reflex action.

Changed by war

Television: THERE is no call for my customary cheap opening gag designed to catch your attention when my first subject is Britain's Great War, Jeremy Paxman's documentary series.

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Ecumenical Chaplain


G4S An equal opportunities employer Ecumenical Chaplain HMP Parc, Bridgend £29,920 pa | Full time As the world's leading security solutions group with operations in over 120 countries an...  Read More

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Putting Passion into performance

Putting Passion into performance

Pat Ashworth talks to the originators of two home-grown Passion stagings, one musical and the other theatrical  Subscribe to read more

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My faith in the Church of England

David Cameron expresses his pride in its openness, beauty, social action, and pastoral care  Read More

Wed 23 Apr 14 @ 13:49
Eight arguments over whether the UK is a Christian country

Wed 23 Apr 14 @ 13:20
House of Bishops has announced plan to double number of BME senior clergy. Read about history of CofE + immigrants: