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Plain and simple

Radio: If the Church of England were asked to come up with a format for a radio programme, it might come up with Agree to Differ (Radio 4, Wednesday of last week), "a new way to understand a controversial issue", the blurb says

Big Society bungles

Radio: MANY Church Times readers will want to get their "I told you so" T-shirts out of the wardrobe after hearing The Report last week. The subject was the Big Society: the big idea deployed in 2010 to give some semblance of vision to the makeshift reality of coalition


Radio: Fry's English Delight (Radio 4, Monday of last week) offered a perfect match of content and presentation

Disappointing dish

Radio: WHETHER it is to explain why we like to get together of a weekday evening and sing in choirs, or why we like to drink ourselves silly of a weekend, it seems that, nowadays, people are looking to evolutionary biology as the source of all wisdom.

Death in life

Edward Wickham listens to a documentary about death row, and a review of agony aunt dilemmas across the globe 

Subject to ridicule

Edward Wickham listens to Ian Hislop celebrate the 300-year anniversary of Pope's The Rape of the Lock



Bowlers and bands

Radio:  It is marching season in Northern Ireland, and the Orange bands are bringing people on to the streets in demonstrations that are half-pageant, half-protest, turning the heads of otherwise level-headed people with a ceremonial that casts a spell beyond the understanding of the rest of us.

Rousing renditions

Radio: Spare a thought for our cousins across the Atlantic, who, at the start of every major sporting event, have to endure "The Star-Spangled Banner", gilded to the point of collapse by wannabe-Whitney Houstons.

Build-up to war

Radio: We have been awaiting this anniversary a good deal longer than the antagonists, who, we are told, did not foresee war more than a month before it happened. And the schedules are full of material preparing us for the worst.

Angelic musician

Radio: I WONDER what Jeremy Paxman would have done. You've done the introduction, you're in the middle of your first question, and your guest stops and corrects you: "I am not a man; I'm an angel."

Amazing name

Radio: IN 2006, the name topped the list of most popular girls' names; but, in the 1960s, the only people you knew called Grace were probably aged spinster aunts - with one obvious exception.

Most popular


New chancellor THE new Chancellor of the diocese...

Resignations and retirements

BENSON. The Revd Christopher Benson, Vicar of Longstone,...

Please announce the celebrant’s name

From Mavis Jacobs Sir, - Why is there a reluctan...


BATY. - On 23 August, the Revd Dr Edward Baty: Suc...

Two new bishops for West Yorkshire

Two new bishops for West Yorkshire

THE names of the final two bishops for the Church of...

Job of the week

House for Duty Priest


THE DIOCESE OF ST DAVIDS wishes to appoint a HOUSE FOR DUTY PRIEST TO SERVE IN THE PARISHES OF ST DOGMAELS & NEVERN & MONINGTON. The parishes comprise the village of St Dogmaels with the ru...  Read More

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New home, with room to grow

New home, with room to grow

The Greenbelt Festival made its first appearance at Boughton House. Paul Handley introduces our review of the weekend's events  Subscribe to read more

Question of the week
Should religion and ethnicity be considered as factors by the police and social services?

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Why boosts to self-esteem don’t cure all ills

Encouraging people to believe that they are special can be counter-productive, argues Glynn Harrison  Subscribe to read more

Mon 1 Sep 14 @ 16:17
RT @SCM_PressEducation, Education, Education! Look out for the next issue of @cruciblejournal edited by @DrJohnReader. Coming soon

Mon 1 Sep 14 @ 11:31
The Archbishop of York @JohnSentamu warns that Iraq could become another Rwanda