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It’s not funny

Gillean Craig finds Monty Don a "first rate guide" to the history of the British garden

Man of melancholy

Edward Wickham reviews a documentary exploring Islamism

Testimony of war

LEST we forget . . . the archives of the BBC, Imperial War Museum, and other institutions contain audio riches in abundance. Voices of the First World War (Radio 4, weekdays) returned last week for another two-week series of a promised 50-part whole. Wednesday’s episode, remembering...

Absence of faith

HOW many types of atheist are there? There are the out-and-out Dawkinsians, and the "spiritual-but-not-religious", and materialists and Mother-Naturists — not to mention Christian, Muslim, and Jewish atheists. Yet, on the surveys that gauge social attitudes, there is normally just...

Multifaith news

THERE has rarely been a better example of the need for a “Dislike” button on Facebook, writes Edward Wickham

Script in the docks

Edward Wickham is surprised that Arthur Miller is but ten years gone 

Visions of home

Edward Wickham reviews National Poetry Day offerings

From light to dark

AS AN opener to a comedy show, the image of a burning suicide-bomber would seem distinctly unpromising. Then again, so does the idea of a Pakistani comedian. But Sami Shah is here to show us otherwise, and his new series A Beginner’s Guide to Pakistan (Radio 4, Wednesday of last week)...

Music to sleep by

IF EVER there was a time to acknowledge the clearness of the blue water between Classic FM and Radio 3, then last weekend was that time

Double discourse

IF, LAST Sunday evening, at the prospect of another series of Downton Abbey, you found yourself reaching for your revolver...

Music as therapy

Edward Wickham espies a stint of misty Socialist nostalgia

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BANISTER. The Revd Jane Banister, NS Associate Minister...


Bishop to retire THE Rt Revd Christopher Edmondson,...

Readings: 1st Sunday of Advent

Jeremiah 33.14-16; Psalm 25.1-9; 1 Thessalonians 3.9-end;...

Former chaplain Roger Wakely jailed for sexual abuse of teenage boys

Former chaplain Roger Wakely jailed for sexual abuse of teenage boys

A RETIRED priest has been sentenced to 13 years in...

New Synod is told: be united and outward-looking

New Synod is told: be united and outward-looking

A PLEA for unity, not only among Anglicans, but across...

Job of the week

Chaplain - Development

West Midlands

VACANCY ADVERTISEMENT CHAPLAIN - DEVELOPMENT 18.75 HOURS PER WEEK The Pastoral Care Team at The Myton Hospices is committed to the provision of spiritual care across the organisation and deliveri...  Read More

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The lighter side of fund-raising

The lighter side of fund-raising

Maggie Durran reviews entries to a competition to find the best fund-raising ideas  Read More

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Questions to weigh before bombing

Just-war theory can guide MPs in these decisions, says Paul Vallely  Subscribe to read more

Mon 30 Nov 15 @ 15:48
RT @tswyattWhen a C of E priest is appointed as an archdeacon they are given an "electronic booklet" called So You're Going To Be An Archdeacon!

Mon 30 Nov 15 @ 13:53
Christians should get involved in reform of the financial system, argues Barbara Ridpath