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Death in life

Edward Wickham listens to a documentary about death row, and a review of agony aunt dilemmas across the globe 

Subject to ridicule

Edward Wickham listens to Ian Hislop celebrate the 300-year anniversary of Pope's The Rape of the Lock



Bowlers and bands

Radio:  It is marching season in Northern Ireland, and the Orange bands are bringing people on to the streets in demonstrations that are half-pageant, half-protest, turning the heads of otherwise level-headed people with a ceremonial that casts a spell beyond the understanding of the rest of us.

Rousing renditions

Radio: Spare a thought for our cousins across the Atlantic, who, at the start of every major sporting event, have to endure "The Star-Spangled Banner", gilded to the point of collapse by wannabe-Whitney Houstons.

Build-up to war

Radio: We have been awaiting this anniversary a good deal longer than the antagonists, who, we are told, did not foresee war more than a month before it happened. And the schedules are full of material preparing us for the worst.

Angelic musician

Radio: I WONDER what Jeremy Paxman would have done. You've done the introduction, you're in the middle of your first question, and your guest stops and corrects you: "I am not a man; I'm an angel."

Amazing name

Radio: IN 2006, the name topped the list of most popular girls' names; but, in the 1960s, the only people you knew called Grace were probably aged spinster aunts - with one obvious exception.

Strategic approach

Radio: The broadcasting, as part of last Friday's D-Day anniversary, of historic news bulletins, at the time and in the form they originally went out 70 years ago, proved such an effective strategy for remembrance.

Sombre seraph

Radio: A PERSONIFICATION of Geometry, unable to conceptualise the metaphysical; or an angel who is too fat to fly? Who is the figure who dominates Albrecht Dürer's cryptic print Melencolia I? In a splendid half-hour of radio, the art historian Dr Janina Ramirez investigated this most enigmatic of Renaissance images in Melencolia

The nuns’ story

Radio: YOU know that it is meagre pickings in the radio schedules when your reviewer has to look to Radio 4's Afternoon Play strand for inspiration.

A life shared out

YOU have heard of social-networking addicts: people who crave validation through "likes" and "retweets", whose success is counted in online friends and followers. But Mike Merrill has taken this a stage further: he is a "publicly traded person". If you visit, you...

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Benefit halted after eucharist request refused

IT HAS been celebrated in churches for more than 35...

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Can Catholics back women bishops?

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Resignations and retirements

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Readings: 7th Sunday after Trinity

Proper 13: Isaiah 55.1-5; Romans 9.1-5; Matthew 14...

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University Chaplain

South West

University of St Mark & St John, Plymouth Plymouth, Britain's Ocean City University Chaplain With its 175 year heritage, outstanding reputation for teaching in disti ncti ve subjectarea...  Read More

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A lantern unto their feet

A lantern unto their feet

The words and, sometimes, the very presence of the Bible were a source of comfort and inspiration during the First World War  Subscribe to read more

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Why the worry about ministering together?

Some clergy are too fearful of collaborative ways of working, says Brian Cranwell   Subscribe to read more

Thu 31 Jul 14 @ 22:22
RT @RevRichardColesDo you know, I was the ONLY person waiting for a takeaway in the Nazreen Tandoori tonight reading the Church Times #lastofthemohicans

Thu 31 Jul 14 @ 16:35
RT @ABCReligion"A gift snatched away": stunning tribute to Rev. Dr John Hughes, by John Milbank and Catherine Pickstock @churchtimes