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Chill-out chant

Radio: As Richard Coles described, in Chant, the double album of Gregorian chant, Canto Gregoriano,  recorded by the monks of Silos Abbey sold more than five million copies in the 1990s

Greatly exaggerated

Radio: Matt Thompon's documentary was a joy: full of bonkers theories, and plenty of archive material. And, in case you thought that this was all a bit of a laugh, there was Professor Diane Purkiss, of Oxford University, to remind us that conspiracy theories are, in fact, one of the most dangerous aspects of the modern media age

Germany über alles

Radio: FROM Goethe to sausages, Germany: Memories of a nation (Radio 4) is on an epic journey to uncover the history and myths that make up the German psyche

Cold-call Pope

Radio: ONE of the most popular comic articles doing the rounds of Italian journalists recently has been "Top-ten tips for when the Pope phones."

First time round

Radio: IF YOU want to please a Spanish patron, Michelangelo is reported to have said, show him plenty of blood and nails. And the Iberian penchant for the melodramatic can, according to Stephen Johnson in The Essay, equally be detected in the music of the time

Ants à la carte

Radio: ON RADIO 4, on More or Less, there was a feature on ants. The question was: if you weighed all the ants in existence, would they be heavier than the total weight of humanity

Paternal judgement

Radio: Anybody who still needs reassurance that Chris Evans has made the transition from cocky TV presenter to charming Radio 2 star should listen to his interview on Saturday Live about the joys of reading to your children

Methodism at work

Radio:  IT IS part of the Church in England; but could never be the Church of England. This judgement on the state of Methodism and its relationship to the Establishment came at the end of a typically acerbic critique by Quentin Letts: What's the Point of . . . The Methodists?

Out of the ordinary

Radio: As a means of describing human behaviour, the word "normal" has been in the English language only since the early 19th century. The current terminology is "neurotypical"; and it was in celebration of neurodiversity that Bridget Kendall gathered her guests for last week's The Forum


Plain and simple

Radio: If the Church of England were asked to come up with a format for a radio programme, it might come up with Agree to Differ (Radio 4, Wednesday of last week), "a new way to understand a controversial issue", the blurb says

Big Society bungles

Radio: MANY Church Times readers will want to get their "I told you so" T-shirts out of the wardrobe after hearing The Report last week. The subject was the Big Society: the big idea deployed in 2010 to give some semblance of vision to the makeshift reality of coalition

Most popular


Archdeacon to retire THE Ven. Dr William Jacob, A...

York Inquiry finds

York Inquiry finds 'systemic failure' over abuse

IN 1999, after receiving allegations of sexual ab...

Lord Hope ends formal ministry after Cahill Inquiry findings

Lord Hope ends formal ministry after Cahill Inquiry findings

LORD HOPE OF THORNES, a former Archbishop of Y...

Resignations and retirements

BAKER. The Revd Alexander Baker, NSM of St Matthew's...

Bishop Baker has permission to remarry

Bishop Baker has permission to remarry

THE chairman of Forward in Faith (FiF), the Bishop of...

Job of the week


West Midlands

PRINCIPAL ST ALBAN'S ACADEMY Lead an outstanding high-profile school in Birmingham St Alban's Academy serves the Highgate area of Birmingham. It is part of the ARK Schools group, a network of ...  Read More

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It’s not all religion’s fault

It’s not all religion’s fault

In her new book, Karen Armstrong argues that violence comes from a deep-seated 'warrior ethos' rather than from religion. She talks to Cole Moreton  Subscribe to read more

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Should the seal of the confessional be absolute?

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Clergy are ‘more like Old Labour than New’

A survey commissioned to support debates on the future of the C of E yields some interesting results, says Linda Woodhead  Read More

Fri 31 Oct 14 @ 15:11
Canon Alan Billings, Labour Party candidate, elected Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire.

Fri 31 Oct 14 @ 14:53
'Positive action' is being taken to create a pool of women ready to be considered for the episcopate