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Rome catches up

Edward Wickham listens to a programme about Imams in training

Musing out loud

"MOVE over, Kirsty. Desert islands are for wimps" 

Military memories

Edward Wickham finds fascinating insights in Radio 4's The Glass Delusion 

On board for peace

Edward Wickham listens to the story of Rachel Batson, who, having fallen out with her church after her pastor father's fall from grace, is learning again to have faith

Nightmare visions

Edward Wickham finds it "hilarious and fascinating to hear about door-stepping for the Lord, from the Witnesses' perspective"

Words v. pictures

Edward Wickham  reviews a Simon Armitage play about the plight of the migrant 

Come by here

Jenn Ashworth divulged her youthful enthusiasm for a life of devotion to the Church of the Latter-day Saints, on Radio 4 

Gardening time?

Did you know how many thousands of book titles have been generated from the Lord's Prayer?

An Irish affair

Radio: The new fault-lines in Northern Irish society appear to be cutting not down denominational lines, but between those determined to uphold traditional moral values, rooted in faith, and a growing secularism

What’s that noise?

Radio: What can it be like to live in a convent of singing nuns and suffer from amusia: a condition that sometimes renders music actively disagreeable? We learned of this unusual case in Giving Up Music for Lent

Recorded in the ice

Radio: The Epoch Ratification Working Group meets to decide at what point in the earth's history one epoch turns into another. The last such change took place 12,000 years ago, making this surely the least frequently convened committee known to man

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Convener of the Lords Spiritual THE Rt Revd David...

Resignations and Retirements

DAVIES. The Revd Kenneth Davies, Assistant Curate...


BRIDGES. - On 18 May, the Rt Revd Dewi Morris Bridges:...

Readings: Trinity Sunday

Isaiah 6.1-8; Psalm 29; Romans 8.12-17; John 3.1-17 Almighty...

Women bishops: civilising, or ungovernable energy?

Women bishops: civilising, or ungovernable energy?

WITNESSES to the "otherness of God", a "big fat Yes",...

Job of the week


Yorkshire and Lincs

Diocese of Lincoln Rector Branston with Nocton and Potterhanworth An exciting opportunity exists for a priest in this growing and developing benefice. We are seeking someone who: is an...  Read More

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Saved from the streets

Saved from the streets

The rescue of a prostitute and brothel-keeper was typical of the early work of the Salvation Army, 150 years old this year  Read More

Question of the week
Is the Roman Catholic hierarchy in Ireland a spent force?

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The UK must recognise Palestine as a state

Britain urgently needs to act for peace in the Holy Land by recognising Palestine alongside Israel, argues Vincent Fean  Read More

Fri 29 May 15 @ 21:00
Traffickers target destitute children after Nepal quake

Fri 29 May 15 @ 20:49
Saved from the streets - Cathy Le Feuvre tells the story of how the @salvationarmy began