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Home from home

Radio: MOVING house is said to be one of the most stressful aspects of modern life, along with bereavement, divorce, and setting a new online password

Payment of a debt

Radio: PARTS of the installation of ceramic poppies at the Tower of London are to remain in place for a while longer. That the campaign for the project's extension has been led by the Prime Minister and Boris Johnson will make the ears prick up of anyone who listened to The Why Factor: Memorialisation 

Infrequent laughter

Radio: The Frequency of Laughter is a six-part history of radio comedy

Chill-out chant

Radio: As Richard Coles described, in Chant, the double album of Gregorian chant, Canto Gregoriano,  recorded by the monks of Silos Abbey sold more than five million copies in the 1990s

Greatly exaggerated

Radio: Matt Thompon's documentary was a joy: full of bonkers theories, and plenty of archive material. And, in case you thought that this was all a bit of a laugh, there was Professor Diane Purkiss, of Oxford University, to remind us that conspiracy theories are, in fact, one of the most dangerous aspects of the modern media age

Germany über alles

Radio: FROM Goethe to sausages, Germany: Memories of a nation (Radio 4) is on an epic journey to uncover the history and myths that make up the German psyche

Cold-call Pope

Radio: ONE of the most popular comic articles doing the rounds of Italian journalists recently has been "Top-ten tips for when the Pope phones."

First time round

Radio: IF YOU want to please a Spanish patron, Michelangelo is reported to have said, show him plenty of blood and nails. And the Iberian penchant for the melodramatic can, according to Stephen Johnson in The Essay, equally be detected in the music of the time

Ants à la carte

Radio: ON RADIO 4, on More or Less, there was a feature on ants. The question was: if you weighed all the ants in existence, would they be heavier than the total weight of humanity

Paternal judgement

Radio: Anybody who still needs reassurance that Chris Evans has made the transition from cocky TV presenter to charming Radio 2 star should listen to his interview on Saturday Live about the joys of reading to your children

Methodism at work

Radio:  IT IS part of the Church in England; but could never be the Church of England. This judgement on the state of Methodism and its relationship to the Establishment came at the end of a typically acerbic critique by Quentin Letts: What's the Point of . . . The Methodists?

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Forward in Faith looks to the future

Forward in Faith looks to the future

THERE was talk of "going forward with confidence"...


BRITT. The Revd William Britt, Assistant Curate of...

Sainsbury’s Christmas ad criticised

Sainsbury’s Christmas ad criticised

A PRIEST from West Yorkshire is among at least 240...


ABRAHAM. The Revd David Abraham, Canon Emeritus of...

Readings: Christ the King

Ezekiel 34.11-16, 20-24; Ephesians 1.15-end; Matthew 25.31-end  Eternal...

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Professor of Divinity

London and Home Counties

Gresham CollegeFounded 1597 Gresham Professor of Divinity Gresham College has provided free public lectures for over 400 years in the City of London and now operates worldwide via the internet. Fo...  Read More

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Finding life over death

Finding life over death

Denise Inge, who died on Easter Day this year, discovered that her home was built over a charnel house. This prompted her to write a book exploring the challenge of living well in the face of mortality  Subscribe to read more

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Are foodbanks an effective way of dealing with poverty?

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Fighting inequality and corruption in the world

Efforts are being made to combat corruption and sharp practice in global finance. Peter Selby has seen this at first hand  Subscribe to read more

Tue 25 Nov 14 @ 13:39
Pope Francis addresses Parliament of "aged and weary" Europe - @GavinDrake reports for us from Strasbourg

Tue 25 Nov 14 @ 10:42
The number of people attending midweek services at cathedrals has doubled in the past 10 years