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Cranmer’s point

OLD-FASHIONED, perhaps. A refuge from modernity? For some, maybe. But Eurosceptic? It is surely stretching a point to say that the Book of Common Prayer is Eurosceptic

Brought to tears

"I don’t think I am spoiling anything by revealing that, by the end of the show, he did not quite achieve the big, Kleenex-drenching shot we were all hoping for"

Meaningful words

It's no wonder that Stephen Fry is a national — nay, an international — treasure, observes Edward Wickham

Sensory overload

Edward Wickham listens to a programme about autism and conversation

Dissed incentives

Edward Wickham listens to a damning assessment of the work of psychologist B. F. Skinner

Poignant story

Edward Wickham decides that Inside the Ethics Committee is the Moral Maze for grown-ups

Down memory lane

Edward Wickham enjoys a show enlivened by forays down roads untaken

Selina’s spooks

Edward Wickham listens to a programme that seeks to explore the phenomenon of ghosts 


Lost and found

Edward Wickham watches a search for the 45 children featured in the BBC’s post-war appeal on behalf of Jewish orphans

Doctor’s challenge

Edward Wickham hears a doctor with dementia explain that it is not the end of the world 

Fascinating hostess

Edward Wickham listens to a programme about the fascinating Lady Thatcher 

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BILLSON. The Revd Kevin Billson, Priest-in-Charge of...

Readings: 13th Sunday after Trinity

Proper 17: Song of Solomon 2.8-13; Psalm 45.1-2, 6-9...

‘Liberal elite’ accused of hypocrisy on marriage

‘Liberal elite’ accused of hypocrisy on marriage

A NEW report suggesting that marriage is “alive and...

Christine Hardman named as C of E

Christine Hardman named as C of E's next woman bishop

“GOD is a god of surprises,” the Bishop-designate of...

Resignations and retirements

COLLISON. The Revd Christopher Collison, Priest-in-Charge...

Job of the week

Non-Executive Chair, Board of Trustees


The Mission to Seafarers Non-Executive Chair, Board of Trustees Contact: Tomi Toluhi Tel: +44 207 246 2944 E-mail: Or visit our website: www.missio...  Read More

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Top feature

‘I hope that I will be proud of the next thing I write’

‘I hope that I will be proud of the next thing I write’

Jo Wroe talks to the writer and stand-up comic A. L. Kennedy, who will be making her Greenbelt debut this weekend  Subscribe to read more

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Would you buy a bond from the Pensions Board?

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Exposed — the dangers of a group mentality

One year on, the Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal reveals the risks of group norms, says Alan Billings  Read More

Fri 4 Sep 15 @ 0:59
RT @mattbeebs@dioceseoflondon make it 3 in 3 in @ChurchTimes Cup but @CofEGuildford pushed us all the way. #champions #notmuchinit

Thu 3 Sep 15 @ 19:45
London defeat Guildford, to win #CTCricket cup for 3rd year running. Full report to come in next week's issue.