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Modest last wish

Radio: It was a message repeated in Churchill's Grave (Radio 4, Friday) with a regularity bordering on the irritating: everyone, from the local cabbie to the founder of Churchill Insurance, insisted that this showed Churchill to be at heart a man of the people, unpretentious, discreet, and humble

Hitler’s prose

Radio: IT IS a dilemma that translators must face with some frequency: what to do with a piece of bad writing. Make it sound better, and save the author's blushes; or present the text, warts and all? But when the text in question is Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler, the dilemma is that much more acute

Four-day survey

Radio: Timberlake Wertenbaker's adaptation of War and Peace for Radio 4 is a worthy undertaking, and comes with a wealth of online materials

Pioneer showgirl

Radio: Theatre and religion have always had an uneasy relationship, the morals of the average thespian not always being of a standard regarded as appropriate by the Churc

Events remembered

Radio: All Is Calm: The story of the Christmas Truce (Radio 2, Christmas Eve) managed to shake off that patina of sparkle that can so often tip Christmas programming over from magical to tacky

In the crowd, all alone

Radio: MORE than four million people will spend this Christmas alone. Statistics of this kind are a seasonal ritual; but Professor Christina Victor told us on Woman's Hour (Radio 4) last Friday that Christmas was not the worst time of the year for people who feel lonely

Judge ’em, cowboy

Radio: IT IS a rare thing indeed to hear the judiciary praised in terms more divine than human. In this country, it would be unthinkable to imagine a judge's being described as having a hotline to God - except in a deeply satirical sense

Doctor at large

Radio: IT IS enough to make even the most composed patient into a hypochondriac. In the 13 different organ systems of our body, there are at least 60,000 things that could go wrong

Curry and crumble

Radio: IF THERE was any doubt about the power and influence which can be exerted by apple crumble and custard, then it will have been dispelled by last week's edition of Hardeep's Sunday Lunch 

Home from home

Radio: MOVING house is said to be one of the most stressful aspects of modern life, along with bereavement, divorce, and setting a new online password

Payment of a debt

Radio: PARTS of the installation of ceramic poppies at the Tower of London are to remain in place for a while longer. That the campaign for the project's extension has been led by the Prime Minister and Boris Johnson will make the ears prick up of anyone who listened to The Why Factor: Memorialisation 

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Sexuality tensions threaten to undermine C of E

Sexuality tensions threaten to undermine C of E's 'shared conversations'

SHARP divisions over sexuality mean that as many as...


BARNSHAW. The Revd Anthony Barnshaw, Team Vicar in...

Called on to build a new kind of bridge

Called on to build a new kind of bridge

THE Cheshire village of Hale is more like a town than...

Resignations and retirements

Dean resigns; new Acting Dean The Very Revd Dr Mark...

Dissing the D-word

"DISCIPLESHIP" is the new C-of-E-speak. It is the...

Job of the week

Priest in Charge

South East

Diocese of Chelmsford is currently looking to fill the following posts Priest-in-charge, St Mary, Prittlewell This ancient parish, in Southend-on-Sea is looking for a priest in the Liberal-Cathol...  Read More

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Called on to build a new kind of bridge

Called on to build a new kind of bridge

Two days after her consecration in York, Gavin Drake meets the new Bishop of Stockport  Subscribe to read more

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Is a fundamentalist approach to religion always wrong?

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Dissing the D-word

Angela Tilby: Discipleship as a convenient term to ramp up the commitment of the laity sounds alien to Anglican instincts, and it is. I hope Synod members are gearing up for creative revolt  Read More

Fri 30 Jan 15 @ 16:35
RT @waltonandyGreat to read stories of Syrian refugees in @churchtimes in their own words rather than just seeing them as stats.

Fri 30 Jan 15 @ 16:25
.@stephensizer has now apologised for his 9/11 link on social media