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Words v. pictures

Edward Wickham  reviews a Simon Armitage play about the plight of the migrant 

Come by here

Jenn Ashworth divulged her youthful enthusiasm for a life of devotion to the Church of the Latter-day Saints, on Radio 4 

Gardening time?

Did you know how many thousands of book titles have been generated from the Lord's Prayer?

An Irish affair

Radio: The new fault-lines in Northern Irish society appear to be cutting not down denominational lines, but between those determined to uphold traditional moral values, rooted in faith, and a growing secularism

What’s that noise?

Radio: What can it be like to live in a convent of singing nuns and suffer from amusia: a condition that sometimes renders music actively disagreeable? We learned of this unusual case in Giving Up Music for Lent

Recorded in the ice

Radio: The Epoch Ratification Working Group meets to decide at what point in the earth's history one epoch turns into another. The last such change took place 12,000 years ago, making this surely the least frequently convened committee known to man

Female virtuosi

Radio: THE impartiality of the BBC is a principle closely patrolled. So, when Radio 3 launched into what, to some, might represent a political cause, we entered interesting territory

Laws for detectives

Radio: IN 1929, the Roman Catholic priest and crime novelist Ronald Knox set out his ten commandments for writing detective fiction. In Lent Talk, James Runcie reassured us that he kept the commandments as best he could

Masseurs’ story

Radio: THE form may have been diminished by endless parodies, but there is still something thrilling about a traditional investigative documentary. The thrill of the chase, the late-night stake-outs, and the final confrontation - it is what journalists used to do

Carmen in China

Did you know that the oldest cities in the world were essentially salt silos?

In need of pity?

Radio: IT IS the stuff that nightmares are made of. You are at your college reunion, and come across an old chum who consistently did worse than you in exams. But now the blighter is earning ten times your salary

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Readings: 4th Sunday of Easter

Almighty God, whose Son Jesus Christ is the resurrection...


Dean moves THE Very Revd Dr Susan Jones, Dean of...


New acting archdeacon THE Revd Andrew Cunning­ton,...

Broadbent rounds on critics of renewal policy

Broadbent rounds on critics of renewal policy

A ROBUST defence of the Archbishops' programme Reform...

Resignations and Retirements

Bishop retires The Rt Revd Ian Brackley, Suffragan...

Job of the week

Priest in Charge & Deanery Ministry Development Officer

South West

Diocese of Exeter Priest in Charge for the North Creedy East MissionCommunity and Deanery Ministry Development Officer We need a Priest with vision to lead our mission to 8 rural parishes in a bea...  Read More

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The war the English tried to forget

The war the English tried to forget

A new Civil War centre is about to open in Newark. Paul Wilkinson reports  Subscribe to read more

Question of the week
Should Britain open its borders to migrants from Africa?

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Overturning the vested interest

It was Keir Hardie's Christianity that inspired his politics, and his contribution to the Labour movement, says Gordon Brown  Read More

Mon 27 Apr 15 @ 16:31
RT @thirdwayMAY ISSUE: Paxman described his recent interview with @AndrewGraystone as "the best interview with me that I have ever read."

Mon 27 Apr 15 @ 15:25
NEW: Charities respond rapidly to Nepal earthquake