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New titles

New titles

Heroes of the Coffee Rota by Dave Walker (Canterbury Press, £7.99 (£7.20); 978-1-84825-820-4)   Jesus and Brian: Exploring the historical Jesus and his times via Monty Python’s Life of Brian, edited by Joan E. Taylor (Bloomsbury, £18.99 (£17.10); 978-0-567-65831-9)   Waiting on...

New titles

Including Chosen? Reading the Bible amid the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by Walter Brueggemann

New titles

Including Eager to Love: The alternative way of Francis of Assisi by Richard Rohr OFM 

New titles

Including Journey to the Manger: Exploring the birth of Jesus by Paula Gooder 

New titles just published

Including Bedeviled: Lewis, Tolkein and the shadow of evil by Colin Duriez

New titles just published

Including Creating a Culture of Invitation in Your Church by Michael Harvey 

New titles just published

Including The Atheist Who Didn’t Exist: Or: The dreadful consequences of bad arguments by Andy Bannister 

New titles

Including What Makes Churches Grow? by Bob Jackson 

New titles just published

Including Step Back: Finding the way forward in life by Norman Drummond

New titles just published

Including Not in God's Name: Confronting religious violence by Jonathan Sacks 

New titles just published

Including Defending Substitution: An essay on atonement by Simon Gathercole 

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Christine Hardman named as C of E

Christine Hardman named as C of E's next woman bishop

“GOD is a God of surprises,” the Bishop-designate of...

Readings: 13th Sunday after Trinity

Proper 17: Song of Solomon 2.8-13; Psalm 45.1-2, 6-9...


New Dean of Guernsey   THE next Dean of Guernsey (Winchester...

Resignations and retirements

CAPPER. The Revd Katherine Capper, NSM (Associate Vicar)...


DERBYSHIRE. — On 1 August, the Revd Douglas James Derbyshire:...

Job of the week

Non-Executive Chair, Board of Trustees


The Mission to Seafarers Non-Executive Chair, Board of Trustees Contact: Tomi Toluhi Tel: +44 207 246 2944 E-mail: Or visit our website: www.missio...  Read More

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‘Called to listen to one another’

‘Called to listen to one another’

Madeleine Davies, Tim Wyatt, Mike Truman, and Sarah Brush report from the Greenbelt festival’s second year at its new site of Boughton House  Subscribe to read more

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Would you buy a bond from the Pensions Board?

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Soon the longest to reign over us

The Queen’s faith is deep, but her successors face a different situation, says Stephen Bates  Subscribe to read more

Sat 5 Sep 15 @ 10:30
We need to play ‘full part’ in aiding refugees, says Archbishop Welby

Sat 5 Sep 15 @ 9:59
@WealandsBell I mean plus the reflections, of course.