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New titles

New Titles just published

Including What Matters Most? Finding spiritual treasure in everyday life by Brian Draper 

New titles just published

Including Julian's Gospel: Illuminating the life and Revelations of Julian of Norwich by Veronica Mary Rolf 

New titles just published

Including More Perfect Union? Understanding same-sex marriage by Alan Wilson 

New titles just published

Including Fields of Blood: Religion and the history of violence by Karen Armstrong

New titles just published

Including God: A very short introduction by John Bowker

New titles just published

Including Meeting God in Mark by Rowan Williams 

New titles just published

Including The Edge of Words: God and the habits of language by Rowan Williams 

New titles just published

Including 100 Poems to See You Through: Bright words for the darkest hours, edited by Daisy Goodwin

New titles just published

Including An Idol Unmasked: A faith perspective on money by Peter Selby 

New titles just published

Including Religion and Power: No logos without mythos by David Martin

New titles just published

Including Eager to Love: The alternative way of Francis of Assisi by Richard Rohr

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BERRY. The Revd Heather Berry, OLM of Gaywood, to ...

Resignations and retirements

CARMYLLIE. The Revd Kathryn Carmyllis, Team Rector in the ...

York Inquiry finds

York Inquiry finds 'systemic failure' over abuse

IN 1999, after receiving allegations of sexual ab...


BANFIELD. - On 2 October, the Ven. David John Ban...

Readings: Last Sunday after Trinity

Proper 25: Leviticus 19.1-2, 15-18; 1 Thessalonians 2.1-8;...

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Chief Administrator

South East

CHICHESTER CATHEDRAL CHIEF ADMINISTRATOR The Chapter of Chichester seek applicants for the office of Chief Executive Officer, known as COMMUNAR The Communar is responsible for strategic financ...  Read More

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A bountiful harvest grown in faith

A bountiful harvest grown in faith

In this extract from their new book, Susie Weldon and Sue Campbell tell the story of Christians and Muslims in Africa who are finding new ways to farm, based on their scriptures  Subscribe to read more

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Should the UK take in more refugees fleeing Islamic State's terrorists?

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Corporate tax avoider? Shame on you, then!

It might be legal, but is it moral? Geoff Daintree on a new report that challenges people who pay as little tax as they can  Subscribe to read more

Sat 25 Oct 14 @ 10:55
'Moribund churches get the HTB treatment'

Sat 25 Oct 14 @ 9:35
@alansc Hi Alan, We've done this for years. People wanted advance col for time to work on sermons. Col for 26/10 Readings is just below. HS