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Pivotal moments

Stephen Brown sees a portmanteau film

What three Rio teenagers do with a landfill windfall

What three Rio teenagers do with a landfill windfall

Stephen Brown sees a BAFTA-nominated tale of Brazil's poor

Monk, nun, and whale

Monk, nun, and whale

Stephen Brown sees two films on DVD

Redemption loses out to endurance

Stephen Brown on the partially told tale of Louis Zamperini

Across sea and wilderness

Across sea and wilderness

Stephen Brown sees two current releases: the new Moses epic, and a Western

Hobbits . . . again

Film: PETER JACKSON's overblown Hobbit trilogy of films reaches its climax in cinemas today with The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies

A child walks her Via Dolorosa

A child walks her Via Dolorosa

Stephen Brown sees a film about religion taken to an extreme

Soul of a barman

Film: OFTEN in films we are given a privileged point of view, let into a secret long before anyone on screen is. But sometimes, as in The Drop (Cert. 15), we are excluded from the information necessary to work it out

Kick-started festive fun

Kick-started festive fun

Stephen Brown sees the third Nativity

Rapture as horror flick

Stephen Brown on The Remaining, claimed to be the first-ever faith-based horror film 

Plenty of spirituality about

Stephen Brown surveys the 58th London Film Festival

Most popular
Rachel Treweek goes to Gloucester as C of E

Rachel Treweek goes to Gloucester as C of E's first woman diocesan bishop

GLOUCESTER is to have the Church of England's first...

Changes in training prompt resignation and protest letter

Changes in training prompt resignation and protest letter

A PROPOSAL to devolve decision-making about ministerial...


A'COURT. The Revd Darren A' Court, Rector of Okeford,...

These proposals cause us to fear for the future of ministerial training

From the Revd Dr Jeremy Morris and 16 others Sir,...

Resignations and retirements

BUTTIMER. The Revd Cynthia Buttimer, NSM (Assistant...

Job of the week



Diocese in Europe The Church of England Archdeacon of Germany & Northern Europe and Archdeacon of the East (with a diocesan brief for mission) This is a unique opportunity to contribute to th...  Read More

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Top feature

The advocacy and the ecstasy

The advocacy and the ecstasy

St Teresa, born in Avila 500 years ago this weekend, is often depicted in a religious fervour. But there was much more to her than that, writes Laurie Vere  Subscribe to read more

Question of the week
Can Christians be trendy?

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Top comment

Lessons from history can teach us how to live

The long shadow of the past can not only illuminate the present but also point to a more hopeful future, writes David Monteith  Subscribe to read more

Mon 30 Mar 15 @ 16:34
C of E statement on allegations surrounding Enoch Powell and satanic cults

Mon 30 Mar 15 @ 11:38
Bishops from 6 continents call for urgent action on 'climate crisis' - read declaration (PDF)