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Money and its mysteries

Peter Day looks at the morality of people and algorithms

Credit for good intentions

Credit for good intentions

Nick Spencer on the basis of a former Prime Minister's ideas

Germany rises from her fall

John Arnold  reads an account of a country victorious in peace

Diplomatic-tightrope walker

Diplomatic-tightrope walker

Michael Bourdeaux  considers a tribute to a Russian priest

From place to place

Anne Spalding on a questioning guide

Forms of Christian life today

David Martin reads studies from various different contexts

New titles just published

Including two Inclusive Church resources

The underground church

Robin Meyers argues that the Church needs to regain the spirit of subversiveness that was part of the Early Church

Church forged in an African fire

John Binns considers a formative place and time for the Christian West

Building a team of valued individuals

Sharon Prentis  looks at a workbook forgreater effectiveness

Coal clubs and butterfly nets

Coal clubs and butterfly nets

Malcolm Johnson enjoys a gathering of Victorian clerics

Help with the unsayable

Garry Humphreys finds an opera about 9/11 an expression of love

Amazed and made over by the risen Lord

Amazed and made over by the risen Lord

Our editor attends an "electrifying performance" of The Resurrection, a gospel-music account of the days after the crucifixion

Swiss holy nights

William Dundas attends the Lucerne Festival, in Switzerland

Passiontide music in Oxford

Roderic Dunnett  hears new works in Merton College Chapel

Journalistic sins of omission

Journalistic sins of omission

Andrew Brown is shocked by the almost complete lack of coverage in the British press of the three big Christian stories of the early week

Historical context

SEX and the Church, BBC2's new three-part documentary (Fridays), is exactly the kind of commission that we expect from the Religion and Ethics Department - except that, alas, it wasn't

Come by here

Jenn Ashworth divulged her youthful enthusiasm for a life of devotion to the Church of the Latter-day Saints, on Radio 4 

week ahead

17 April 2015: Our pick of the best television and radio for the coming week

Seriously laying on their hands

Christopher Irvine  on 18th-century bishops and confirmation

Moment of grace after baptism

Moment of grace after baptism

Michael Perham  looks at an American study of 'a pastoral rite'

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