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Out of the question

Festival of the Blessed Virgin

Out of the question: David Winter reports celebrating St Mary's Patronal Festival on 17 August, the Sunday closest to the Feast of the Assumption. I don't believe that his parish is alone in this. Surely very few churches have the Assumption as their dedication; so what has caused 15 August increasingly to find favour over 8 September?

Is there a dictionary of heresies?

Out of the question: How can I learn about the various "heresies" that have arisen in the Christian Church during its 2000-year-old life? Is there a . . . Dictionary of Heresies?

Out of the question

Out of the question: Why is there such an emphasis on recruiting young church members? Why not focus on the 55-65s? 

National prayer days

Out of the question: Who organised the national prayer days of the Second World War? When did they occur, and where can I learn more about them? Also, did such days of prayer also occur in the First World War?


Out of the question: Why is Michael - an angel - a saint? Which liturgy do we use on 29 September, as the liturgy for saints in Common Worship assumes a saint was a human being? 

Out of the Question

A priest who regularly presides at requiem masses recently said that a requiem was not appropriate in relation to a dead baby. Why?

Nature miracles in their context

Out of the question: How can a Christian explain the occurrence of walking on water?

Out of the question

How can a Christian explain the occurrence of walking on water?

Out of the question

Out of the question: Why do High Anglicans now seem to neglect the feasts of the Holy Family, Sacred Heart, and Precious Blood?

Future consecrations

Out of the question: It has been customary for Orthodox bishops to be invited to participate in the consecration of Church of England bishops. Will this be appropriate when female bishops come to be consecrated?

Hope of resurrection

Out of the question: "Hope of resurrection"? I thought it was a certainty? 

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West Midlands

PRINCIPAL ST ALBAN'S ACADEMY Lead an outstanding high-profile school in Birmingham St Alban's Academy serves the Highgate area of Birmingham. It is part of the ARK Schools group, a network of ...  Read More

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It’s not all religion’s fault

It’s not all religion’s fault

In her new book, Karen Armstrong argues that violence comes from a deep-seated 'warrior ethos' rather than from religion. She talks to Cole Moreton  Subscribe to read more

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Should the seal of the confessional be absolute?

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Clergy are ‘more like Old Labour than New’

A survey commissioned to support debates on the future of the C of E yields some interesting results, says Linda Woodhead  Read More

Fri 31 Oct 14 @ 15:11
Canon Alan Billings, Labour Party candidate, elected Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire.

Fri 31 Oct 14 @ 14:53
'Positive action' is being taken to create a pool of women ready to be considered for the episcopate