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Out of the question

Bow the head at the holy Name?

Out of the question: How does the practice of bowing at the mention of our Lord Jesus Christ during, for example, the Creed match the belief in the equal status of the three Persons of the Trinity? 

Collared after retirement?

Out of the question: Why do retired clergy still wear their clerical collars?

Is the season of Advent a fast?

Out of the question: Is Advent still a fast? If so, to what extent? 

Future of ‘And also with you’

Out of the question:  When will we do away with the awful response "And also with you"

Priests' picking their own ‘creed’

Out of the question: Does Canon B5 give the priest discretion to set aside all the authorised Creeds and Affirmations of Faith in Common Worship and to introduce instead an alternative of his or her own choosing?

Festival of Christ the King

Out of the question: Why has the Feast of Christ the King, which apparently originated as recently as 1925, risen to such prominence? Was it devised (partly) in order to rehabilitate the idea and the institution of monarchy after the cataclysm of the First World War?

Out of the Question

Out of the question: What is the origin of the shoulder cape that I have seen worn on top of a cassock by some Anglo-Catholic priests? When should it be worn? Is it the same as a mozetta?

Festival of the Blessed Virgin

Out of the question: David Winter reports celebrating St Mary's Patronal Festival on 17 August, the Sunday closest to the Feast of the Assumption. I don't believe that his parish is alone in this. Surely very few churches have the Assumption as their dedication; so what has caused 15 August increasingly to find favour over 8 September?

Is there a dictionary of heresies?

Out of the question: How can I learn about the various "heresies" that have arisen in the Christian Church during its 2000-year-old life? Is there a . . . Dictionary of Heresies?

Out of the question

Out of the question: Why is there such an emphasis on recruiting young church members? Why not focus on the 55-65s? 

National prayer days

Out of the question: Who organised the national prayer days of the Second World War? When did they occur, and where can I learn more about them? Also, did such days of prayer also occur in the First World War?

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Lecturer in Biblical Studies

New Zealand

THE COLLEGE OF ST JOHN THE EVANGELIST LECTURER IN BIBLICAL STUDIES (known as 'The Sir Paul Reeves' Lecturer') St John's Theological College (An Anglican Seminary of the Province of Aotearoa, New ...  Read More

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I was there when the tsunami struck

I was there when the tsunami struck

Ten years ago, Maxwell Hutchinson and his wife were on holiday in Sri Lanka when it was torn apart by the tsunami. He tells how they survived  Subscribe to read more

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Should sanctions be imposed on clergy who marry a same-sex partner?

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There is no divine right of managers

Business should be learning from the Church rather than the other way round, argues Justin Lewis-Anthony  Subscribe to read more

Mon 22 Dec 14 @ 16:30
RT @MadsDaviesReally enjoyed listening to @JustinWelby's Desert Island Discs. Here's our report:

Mon 22 Dec 14 @ 9:59
The Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem talks to the BBC about the state of the Middle East, much of which is in his diocese