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Out of the question

Why so many ‘difficult’ people?

Out of the question: Why are there so many "difficult" (i.e. spiteful, rude, or unforgiving) people in churches?

Tact and hygiene at the altar

Out of the question: What is the most tactful way to solve the problem of priests who cough into their hands or wipe their noses on their fingers before distributing holy communion?

Out of the question

Out of the question: Why are there "Introits and Anthems" at the back of The English Hymnal, and what are we meant to do with them?

No one stands as churchwarden

Out of the question: What happens in a parish when both churchwardens are not standing for re-election and no one can be found who is prepared to stand for election?

‘Not wanted as C of E member’

Out of the question:  By tradition I am a liberal Catholic. I am also a gay man in a civil partnership and am currently serving a prison sentence. Quite clearly the C of E does not wantme as a member. How can I develop a personal, sacramental faith without the attached religion?

Out of the question

Out of the question: Many bishops are wearing black clerical shirts. What, then, stops priests wearing purple?

Old names of pre-Lent Sundays

Out of the question: What is the origin of the beautiful traditional names Septuagesima, Sexagesima, and Quinquagesima for the Sundays before Lent, and why were they dropped?

Out of the question

A writer on rural churches mentioned heated cushions. Who makes these, and what is the cost?

Out of the Question

Out of the question: I recently saw a Roman Catholic priest bless the people with the Book of the Gospels when it was handed to him by the deacon after the Gospel. I thought that only a bishop should do this. Is this correct? 

Out of the Question

Out of the question: A few Anglican and Roman Catholic priests and bishops are wearing their stoles outside rather than beneath their chasubles. Is there some reason for this? 

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Ecumenical Chaplain


G4S An equal opportunities employer Ecumenical Chaplain HMP Parc, Bridgend £29,920 pa | Full time As the world's leading security solutions group with operations in over 120 countries an...  Read More

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Putting Passion into performance

Putting Passion into performance

Pat Ashworth talks to the originators of two home-grown Passion stagings, one musical and the other theatrical  Subscribe to read more

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Should parishes be able to sell treasures that no longer reside in their churches?

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My faith in the Church of England

David Cameron expresses his pride in its openness, beauty, social action, and pastoral care  Read More

Sat 19 Apr 14 @ 10:57
RT @martindsewellPlease pray for Denise Inge @BishopWorcester

Fri 18 Apr 14 @ 10:27
RT @seatroutExtremely long profile of Justin Welby (I wrote 3,800 words) in the Guardian today Not all nonsense.