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Out of the question

Future consecrations

Out of the question: It has been customary for Orthodox bishops to be invited to participate in the consecration of Church of England bishops. Will this be appropriate when female bishops come to be consecrated?

Hope of resurrection

Out of the question: "Hope of resurrection"? I thought it was a certainty? 

Out of the Question

Out of the question: "Turning water into wine" is often a pub joke. How does a Christian respond with a clear explanation? 

Out of the question

Out of the question

Our readers answer a question about a print depicting soldiers 

God the Father, God the Son . . .

Our readers discuss: "How can God be Jesus's Father and Jesus be God's Son if God and Jesus are the same person?"

No confession and absolution?

Out of the question: At an Ascension Day service there was no confession and no absolution. When I questioned the priest, saying that I did not think the service was valid, he simply said "Oh." I then said: "Does that not concern you?" and he replied "No." Am I correct in my assumption?

Anglican and Nonconformist?

Out of the question:  A friend is a communicant member of the C of E on weekdays but a Nonconformist on Sundays. Is this unusual? Would anyone comment?

Dually Quaker and Anglican

Out of the question: A friend is a communicant member of the C of E on weekdays but a Nonconformist on Sundays. Is this unusual? Would anyone comment?

New Testament writers’ quotations

Out of the question: New Testament writers quote the scriptures with commendable accuracy. Given that they had no text in front of them, and heard the scriptures read only on the sabbath, how did they manage it?

Raising the conduct of services

Out of the question: How can I (a clergy widow, and therefore in an awkward position to comment) encourage our Rector to conduct the only service on a Sunday which is a eucharist with dignity? 

Out of the question

Out of the question: Would it be appropriate to suggest to the Bishop the name of a retired priest who has had, and still maintains, an outstanding ministry for possible appointment as a prebendary or honorary canon, or would the fact that he is retired and over 70 make him ineligible? If the latter, could his outstanding ministry be recognised in any other way?

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Resignations and retirements

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Two new bishops for West Yorkshire

Two new bishops for West Yorkshire

THE names of the final two bishops for the Church of...

Job of the week

House for Duty Priest


THE DIOCESE OF ST DAVIDS wishes to appoint a HOUSE FOR DUTY PRIEST TO SERVE IN THE PARISHES OF ST DOGMAELS & NEVERN & MONINGTON. The parishes comprise the village of St Dogmaels with the ru...  Read More

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New home, with room to grow

New home, with room to grow

The Greenbelt Festival made its first appearance at Boughton House. Paul Handley introduces our review of the weekend's events  Subscribe to read more

Question of the week
Should religion and ethnicity be considered as factors by the police and social services?

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Why boosts to self-esteem don’t cure all ills

Encouraging people to believe that they are special can be counter-productive, argues Glynn Harrison  Subscribe to read more

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Mon 1 Sep 14 @ 11:31
The Archbishop of York @JohnSentamu warns that Iraq could become another Rwanda