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Robert Mackley

Diary: Seasoned churchgoers will know the perils of Mothering Sunday. All too often, it descends into an unchristian sentimental mush of family worship (by which I fear I mean worship of the family)

Diary: Sister Rosemary

Sister Rosemary: The community to which I belong has a long history. At the time I entered, more years ago than I can quite believe, living memory went back much further, and included some fascinating glimpses of a vanished world

Diary: Jonathan Boardman

Jonathan Boardman: Far from the brooding silence, the contained gesture, I cannot shut up, always racing on to fill gaps, cover silences, and disallow the emergence of space for breathing, thinking, praying, being


John Pridmore's final column: OUR "city-break" in Amsterdam began inauspiciously. On the way to our hotel, we got lost in a neighbourhood of the city best avoided by elderly clergymen of a nervous disposition



Diary: The Revd Dr Bill Beaver has kindly drawn my attention to the Maas Gallery's discovery of another handleless-door painting by a contemporary of Holman Hunt, Charles Collins (1828-73), from a private collection in Florida.

Diary: David Winter

Canon David Winter remembers "the redoubtable Michael Saward"

Diary: John Wall

Diary: THE strapline I always trot out is: "Every community deserves a decent church and a decent pub; we can do the church bit; so we need to support the pub."

Diary: Elizabeth Figg

Elizabeth Figg: Last autumn, we found the tell-tale signs that mice had decided to seek sanctuary in the church building. To see the mouse-hunting, search on YouTube for "Hoots Mon! There's a Moose Loose Aboot God's Hoose!" 

Diary: Sister Rosemary

THIS year, our community celebrates its sesquicentenary. One hundred and fifty years ago this June, our first Sisters made their vows, in the then new Parish Church of St Peter, Vauxhall

Diary: Jonathan Boardman

We could find that the "sermon joke", rather than, as now, being obligatory, is banned in the newly corporate C of E. Prepare yourselves


THE straw of the crib has been replaced with a carpet, the shepherds have long since departed, and the Magi continue to offer their gifts. Now that we are well into Christmastide, with a few weeks still to go, Advent seems but a distant memory

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Rachel Treweek goes to Gloucester as C of E

Rachel Treweek goes to Gloucester as C of E's first woman diocesan bishop

GLOUCESTER is to have the Church of England's first...

Changes in training prompt resignation and protest letter

Changes in training prompt resignation and protest letter

A PROPOSAL to devolve decision-making about ministerial...


A'COURT. The Revd Darren A' Court, Rector of Okeford,...

These proposals cause us to fear for the future of ministerial training

From the Revd Dr Jeremy Morris and 16 others Sir,...

Resignations and retirements

BUTTIMER. The Revd Cynthia Buttimer, NSM (Assistant...

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The advocacy and the ecstasy

The advocacy and the ecstasy

St Teresa, born in Avila 500 years ago this weekend, is often depicted in a religious fervour. But there was much more to her than that, writes Laurie Vere  Subscribe to read more

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Can Christians be trendy?

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Lessons from history can teach us how to live

The long shadow of the past can not only illuminate the present but also point to a more hopeful future, writes David Monteith  Subscribe to read more

Wed 1 Apr 15 @ 17:16
Not an April Fools this one - retired C of E priest finally meets his doppelganger neighbour

Wed 1 Apr 15 @ 14:50
RT @CHPublishingUK.@c_of_e Bishops' Pastoral Letter heads @churchtimes Top 10. Booklet via