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Diary: Sister Rosemary

THIS year, our community celebrates its sesquicentenary. One hundred and fifty years ago this June, our first Sisters made their vows, in the then new Parish Church of St Peter, Vauxhall

Diary: Jonathan Boardman

We could find that the "sermon joke", rather than, as now, being obligatory, is banned in the newly corporate C of E. Prepare yourselves


THE straw of the crib has been replaced with a carpet, the shepherds have long since departed, and the Magi continue to offer their gifts. Now that we are well into Christmastide, with a few weeks still to go, Advent seems but a distant memory


John Pridmore: To my astonishment, I find that I can still propel a punt in an approximately straight line

Diary: David Winter

Diary: Sport seems to have replaced, for many people, the drama and excitement of religious worship. Crowds help, of course. And good tunes

Diary: John Wall

SCHOOL visits are a hoot. I had one recently, to about 50 hugely excited six-year-olds. They ran round, lit candles, baptised teddy bears, drew pictures, and generally had a really fun time


Diary: A GREAT centenary year for military historians is drawing to its close; but in Essex and "London over the Border", local church history has quietly enjoyed its own bonanza, thanks to another momentous event of 1914

Diary: Robert Mackley

Diary: Posh, but sandy THIS column comes to you from my laptop on a beach in Western Australia. If bits of sand fall out of the newspaper as you read it, and get into your tea and toast, then I'm afraid you'll have to blame me

Diary: Sister Rosmary

Diary: We inched forward a step in the process of finding unity with the Methodists - why is it that it is so difficult for Christians to agree with one another, and yet we try to lecture the world about reconciliation?

Diary: Jonathan Boardman

Diary: The entirety of this diary entry has been geared to wangling an invitation to preach somewhere in Cambridge - anywhere will do


Diary: What I found depressing about these "museums of atheism" - they were everywhere you went in the USSR - was not that they were always housed in closed-down churches. The sad and worrying thing about them was how persuasive they were

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Sexuality tensions threaten to undermine C of E's 'shared conversations'

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Called on to build a new kind of bridge

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Priest in Charge

South East

Diocese of Chelmsford is currently looking to fill the following posts Priest-in-charge, St Mary, Prittlewell This ancient parish, in Southend-on-Sea is looking for a priest in the Liberal-Cathol...  Read More

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Called on to build a new kind of bridge

Called on to build a new kind of bridge

Two days after her consecration in York, Gavin Drake meets the new Bishop of Stockport  Subscribe to read more

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Dissing the D-word

Angela Tilby: Discipleship as a convenient term to ramp up the commitment of the laity sounds alien to Anglican instincts, and it is. I hope Synod members are gearing up for creative revolt  Read More

Sun 1 Feb 15 @ 11:48
@emilysheep Lichfield.

Fri 30 Jan 15 @ 16:35
RT @waltonandyGreat to read stories of Syrian refugees in @churchtimes in their own words rather than just seeing them as stats.