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Diary: A GREAT centenary year for military historians is drawing to its close; but in Essex and "London over the Border", local church history has quietly enjoyed its own bonanza, thanks to another momentous event of 1914

Diary: Robert Mackley

Diary: Posh, but sandy THIS column comes to you from my laptop on a beach in Western Australia. If bits of sand fall out of the newspaper as you read it, and get into your tea and toast, then I'm afraid you'll have to blame me

Diary: Sister Rosmary

Diary: We inched forward a step in the process of finding unity with the Methodists - why is it that it is so difficult for Christians to agree with one another, and yet we try to lecture the world about reconciliation?

Diary: Jonathan Boardman

Diary: The entirety of this diary entry has been geared to wangling an invitation to preach somewhere in Cambridge - anywhere will do


Diary: What I found depressing about these "museums of atheism" - they were everywhere you went in the USSR - was not that they were always housed in closed-down churches. The sad and worrying thing about them was how persuasive they were


David Winter: Surely death is both a great mystery and a great adventure, not a subject to be avoided at all costs, even in church


John Wall: THE last one happened at Butlins, in Bognor Regis - and, to my huge surprise, I loved it. I am referring to the Chichester diocesan clergy conference eight years ago; and it was with memories of water slides and "hi-de-hi" holiday-camp cabins that I rolled up to this year's conference at the University of Kent at Canterbury

Diary: Serenhedd James

Diary: I DO not claim to play the organ well; but I suppose I play it well enough. A friend plays in much the same way, and when we both spent a weekend at his parents' house in the country, not so long ago, there was a certain inevitability about what would be required on the Sunday morning

Diary: Robert Mackley

Diary: A BRIEF respite from my position as Clerk of Works and Chief Labyrinther was provided last week by the triennial diocesan clergy conference


Sister Rosemary on infant baptism, and being a state church

Diary: Jonathan Boardman

Jonathan Boardman: THE annual synod for the archdeaconry of Italy and Malta was recently held in Palermo

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Plan to groom ‘talent’ for high office in C of E

Plan to groom ‘talent’ for high office in C of E

A RADICAL overhaul of the Church of England's leadership...

Are these the leaders that we really want?

Are these the leaders that we really want?

THE Church of England is a complex and demanding institution, and...


ADAMS. The Revd Mark Adams, Vicar of St John with...

Readings: 3rd Sunday in Advent

Isaiah 61.1-4, 8 -end; 1 Thessalonians 5.16-24; John...

Resignations and retirements

BAILEY. The Revd Robert Bailey, Team Vicar in the...

Job of the week

Lecturer in Biblical Studies

New Zealand

THE COLLEGE OF ST JOHN THE EVANGELIST LECTURER IN BIBLICAL STUDIES (known as 'The Sir Paul Reeves' Lecturer') St John's Theological College (An Anglican Seminary of the Province of Aotearoa, New ...  Read More

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I was there when the tsunami struck

I was there when the tsunami struck

Ten years ago, Maxwell Hutchinson and his wife were on holiday in Sri Lanka when it was torn apart by the tsunami. He tells how they survived  Subscribe to read more

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Do you approve of the plan to create a talent pool of people to be trained for high office?

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There is no divine right of managers

Business should be learning from the Church rather than the other way round, argues Justin Lewis-Anthony  Subscribe to read more

Fri 19 Dec 14 @ 11:36
Chester wins race for C of E’s first woman bishop

Thu 18 Dec 14 @ 15:00
The new bumper double issue of the Church Times is out tomorrow. Here is our preview >