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Vintage, or retro?

I HAVE spent half of my life hoarding stuff, and the second half (so far) bemoaning this habit. But keep things for long enough, and they become “retro”, “vintage”, or even “antique”. Rummaging through old magazines recently, I discovered a single-page leaflet from the Ministry of...

Trick of the treat

Simon Walsh makes Soul cakes and Mackerel and apple salad

A few core recipes

IT IS apple season again, and Jeff sends me some cake recipes from the United States, which evoke the beautiful New England illustrations of childhood books

A toast to barley!

Simon Walsh makes Lemon barley water and Michaelmas-style turkey drumsticks

Eggs and peaches

Terence Handley MacMath whips up Eggs Benedict

Sweet saints

Simon Walsh makes gazpacho and coconut ice

Roses in a stew

Terence Handley McMath cooks chickpea tagine with rose harissa paste followed by almond and pistachio cake with rose water

Pilgrim’s repast

Simon Walsh makes pasta with asparagus cream and a strawberry pavlova

Picnic à la 1937

Terence Handley MacMath makes a choose fondue, grain de courgettes, and Marmalade tart

Best of British

Simon Walsh cooks Roast-beef Yorkshires and Gooseberry fool 

Festival chocolate

Terence Handley MacMath shares recipes for cake, biscuits and bars

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BANISTER. The Revd Jane Banister, NS Associate Minister...


Bishop to retire THE Rt Revd Christopher Edmondson,...

Readings: 1st Sunday of Advent

Jeremiah 33.14-16; Psalm 25.1-9; 1 Thessalonians 3.9-end;...

Former chaplain Roger Wakely jailed for sexual abuse of teenage boys

Former chaplain Roger Wakely jailed for sexual abuse of teenage boys

A RETIRED priest has been sentenced to 13 years in...

New Synod is told: be united and outward-looking

New Synod is told: be united and outward-looking

A PLEA for unity, not only among Anglicans, but across...

Job of the week

Chaplain - Development

West Midlands

VACANCY ADVERTISEMENT CHAPLAIN - DEVELOPMENT 18.75 HOURS PER WEEK The Pastoral Care Team at The Myton Hospices is committed to the provision of spiritual care across the organisation and deliveri...  Read More

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The lighter side of fund-raising

The lighter side of fund-raising

Maggie Durran reviews entries to a competition to find the best fund-raising ideas  Read More

Question of the week
Would you like to see religious ads at the cinema?

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Questions to weigh before bombing

Just-war theory can guide MPs in these decisions, says Paul Vallely  Subscribe to read more

Tue 1 Dec 15 @ 19:54
The new Education Bill threatens to take sites from church schools, warns Howard Dellar

Tue 1 Dec 15 @ 18:35
Patrick Sookhdeo resigns from Barnabas Fund after arrest