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Sunday’s readings

Readings: 7th Sunday after Trinity

DO WE think of Jesus having a row? He needed space to grieve over the execution of his cousin, but the crowds would not leave him alone, and compassion got the better of him

Readings: 6th Sunday after Trinity

Continuing his line of thought from last week's reading, Paul has entered the courtroom

Readings: 6th Sunday after Trinity

Similarly, Jesus assures us that, even when we cannot see it, God's Kingdom is steadily growing, as from a tiny mustard seed. Christians live by faith and not by sight. Equally, yeast works unseen to make bread happen. Jesus compares the Kingdom of God to the yeast rather than the bread, thus making God's Kingdom the invisible catalyst for growth rather than the finished product. That is dynamic.

Readings: 5th Sunday after Trinity

Jesus spoke, memorably, of the stones crying out (groaning in labour pains and hope?) if people were silent when the Messiah came bringing redemption. Can we hear the cries of the ravaged earth and the people who suffer on it? Do we respond with action?

Readings: 4th Sunday after Trinity

Rosalind Brown: If the parable of the sower is about nothing else - and it is about other things, too, as Jesus explained - it is about the need for disciples to probe what God is saying in the midst of ordinariness.

Readings: 3rd Sunday after Trinity

Why come? So that Jesus can give rest. But Jesus says more: "Take my yoke upon you and learn from me." Rest is part of what Jesus offers people who come to him, but so, too, is the opportunity to keep in step and learn from him.

Readings: St Peter and St Paul

I WONDER what Peter and Paul would have thought in their lifetimes about ending up as saintly bedfellows in the church calendar. Perhaps both of them would be bemused, but, I like to think, in their better moments, they would have laughed uproariously.

Readings: 1st Sunday after Trinity

There are many Jeremiahs in the world - people for whom, in their loneliness and desperation, God appears at best untrustworthy, seeming to play with their lives and holding them of no account; at worst, letting people abuse them.

Readings: Trinity Sunday

Trinity is how God is: holy, glorious, creative, beautiful, life-giving: everything that is not isolated and static. Theologians talk of perichoresis, a word derived from "around", "make room for", and "dance", to describe God's Trinitarian life. Trinity Sunday is God's invitation to dance, and is, indeed, exciting.

Readings: Pentecost

ARCHBISHOP Michael Ramsey once wrote: "The power of the Holy Spirit is mighty, but intimate and personal too. The effects of God's actions are seen in human behaviour: the actions themselves, in minds, hearts and consciences, are describable in symbols alone. . . What does fire tell us about the Holy Spirit? . . .

Readings: 7th Sunday of Easter

SOMETIMES, it is easier to gaze into the heavens than to get on with life on earth. Eastertide's readings from 1 Peter remind us that, although Christ is exalted with great triumph to the Kingdom in heaven, here on earth all is not so overtly glorious.

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