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‘Prayer without ceasing’ is not just hyperbole

David Bryant suggests an outlook on life that not only brings prayer alive, but makes it seem much less daunting

Searching for wisdom in other faith traditions

Inter Faith Week begins on Sunday. Can other faiths teach us to be better Christians? Christopher Collingwood thinks so, and has taken to practising Zen

We will remember them

We will remember them

Kevin Ellis considers the message of the two minutes' silence

Walk in the dark

David Bryant urges courage, not despair

Over and around

Let the beauty of the earth, God's creation, inspire your prayer, says Daniel Wolper

Drudgery divine

Daniel Wolpert continues his series on prayer

To the greater glory of God

To the greater glory of God

Daniel Wolpert presents the spiritual examen of St Ignatius Loyola

Waiting for God in the still silence

David Wolpert snatches moments of quiet

Angelic songs are swelling

Angelic songs are swelling

David Bryant meditates on the ministry of the holy angels

Tools to encounter God

Tools to encounter God

Metropolitan Anthony is still an inspiration, says Gillian Crow

I will lay me down . . .

Kenneth V. Peterson on compline

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Forward in Faith looks to the future

Forward in Faith looks to the future

THERE was talk of "going forward with confidence"...


BRITT. The Revd William Britt, Assistant Curate of...

Sainsbury’s Christmas ad criticised

Sainsbury’s Christmas ad criticised

A PRIEST from West Yorkshire is among at least 240...

Readings: Christ the King

Ezekiel 34.11-16, 20-24; Ephesians 1.15-end; Matthew 25.31-end  Eternal...


ABRAHAM. The Revd David Abraham, Canon Emeritus of...

Job of the week

Professor of Divinity

London and Home Counties

Gresham CollegeFounded 1597 Gresham Professor of Divinity Gresham College has provided free public lectures for over 400 years in the City of London and now operates worldwide via the internet. Fo...  Read More

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Top feature

Finding life over death

Finding life over death

Denise Inge, who died on Easter Day this year, discovered that her home was built over a charnel house. This prompted her to write a book exploring the challenge of living well in the face of mortality  Subscribe to read more

Question of the week
Are foodbanks an effective way of dealing with poverty?

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Fighting inequality and corruption in the world

Efforts are being made to combat corruption and sharp practice in global finance. Peter Selby has seen this at first hand  Subscribe to read more

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