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Readings: Christmas Day

DESPITE secular pressure, the nativity play is a stalwart survivor in a Western world that has lost so many enacted community rituals

Readings: 1st Sunday of Christmas

FOR three months in 2000, the National Gallery's "Seeing Salvation" exhibition drew viewers in numbers that vastly exceeded the predicted interest

Prayer for the week

The human face of Christmas is the adult Christ as well as the baby Jesus, says Kevin Ellis

Beginning the Beguines

Beginning the Beguines

In the first of a three-part series of articles on these medieval mystics, David Bryant considers the 13th-century Mechthild of Magdeburg

By adoption and by grace

John Drane looks at the world of Jesus

Readings: 4th Sunday of Advent

Unlike Paul's audience of Roman Christians, who would come to the "obedience of faith" after the mystery of redemption had been revealed to the Gentiles by the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Mary obeys without any such evidence

Prayer for the week

St Paul can help to liberate us from our frenetic festive preoccupations, says Kevin Ellis

Ethics takes shape

God is a risk taker, says Helen Oppenheimer

Readings: 3rd Sunday in Advent

ANOTHER arresting appearance by John the Baptist provides this week's Gospel reading. There is much in John's account that is similar to Mark's (Mark 1.1-8), and yet the settings could hardly be more different

Prayer for the week

Kevin Ellis reflects on the rich inheritance of faith with an extract from Ephesians

God, friend of silence

The prayer of listening is the Advent way, wrote Mother Teresa. From a new selection from her writings

Fri 19 Dec 14 @ 17:41
Episcopal cloud hangs over conversion of civil partnerships

Fri 19 Dec 14 @ 17:20
Church Commissioners hope money will grow on trees