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‘Dreams would follow him’

‘Dreams would follow him’

Adrian Leak pays tribute to the legacy of John Bunyan

Prayer for the week

Katy Holbird on words to use when sitting in the presence of God, waiting for him to speak

Readings: 12th Sunday after Trinity

This week, there is a particularly happy coincidence of the readings and the collect, which is a paean of God's excesses: more ready to hear than we to pray; giving more than we desire or deserve, abundance of mercy, good things that we are not worthy to ask

Prayer for the week

Katy Holbird commends an Old Testament prayer that is ideal for the indecisive

‘Peace, and joy, and rest . . . within’

Kenneth Peterson reflects on confession in the late-night office of compline

Readings: 11th Sunday after Trinity

In July, in the build-up to the beginning of the four-year commemoration of the First World War, we held a study morning at Durham Cathedral on Hensley Henson, the Dean of Durham during that wa

The ending of the day

Kenneth V. Peterson on the late-night office of compline

Prayer for the week

Prayer for the week

Lindsay Llewellyn-MacDuff is inspired by this prayer of John Donne

Readings: St Bartholomew the Apostle

The collect, forced to be general in its description of Bartholomew, is nevertheless penetrating, as it recalls the grace given to him truly to believe and preach God's word. That took courage, even for a man without deceit. He was, in Isaiah's words, one of God's witnesses.

Readings: 9th Sunday after Trinity

This is the only recorded time which someone took Jesus to task and emerged victorious. That person was neither a disciple nor a Jew, but a Gentile woman. In that social climate, she was a classic example of Isaiah's outcasts. Our inclusion in the Church is a product of this encounter.

If you can’t accept trials, you are not saintly

If you can’t accept trials, you are not saintly

The last of the extracts from Elizabeth Ruth Obbard's retelling of The Interior Castle by St Teresa of Avila

Sat 30 Aug 14 @ 18:25
RT @matthewcashmoreMy favourite part of the weekend. A quiet hour as Edmund has his nap and a moment for me to read @churchtimes whilst listening to @BBCRadio3

Fri 29 Aug 14 @ 15:37
8 in 10 children told a survey they worried about their appearance so much it made them unhappy