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Readings: 1st Sunday of Advent

ADVENT, it is sometimes said, is a penitential season with subtle shadings of joy, and the frameworks that have given themes to its Sundays both exploit the richly dramatic interweaving of these two strands

‘Prayer without ceasing’ is not just hyperbole

David Bryant suggests an outlook on life that not only brings prayer alive, but makes it seem much less daunting

Readings: Christ the King

"WHO do you say that I am?" Jesus's question, in the middle of St Matthew's Gospel, hovers in the background on the feast of Christ the King

Prayer for the week

Prayer for the week

Hester Jones looks ahead to Advent with a sonnet of Christina Rossetti

Searching for wisdom in other faith traditions

Inter Faith Week begins on Sunday. Can other faiths teach us to be better Christians? Christopher Collingwood thinks so, and has taken to practising Zen

Readings: 2nd Sunday before Advent

We are two Sundays away from Advent Sunday: our God is coming with the joy of salvation, but also the judgement of his holiness. Are we ready to risk everything to prepare his way?

We will remember them

We will remember them

Kevin Ellis considers the message of the two minutes' silence

Prayer for the week

Hester Jones reflects on conflict with a prayer from the days of the Civil War

Readings: Third Sunday before Advent; Remembrance Sunday

Amos calls us to dare to live faithfully in, and responsively to, the world and national situations in which we find ourselves. He shouts that our God is coming with justice. As the centenary of the First World War reminds us all too cogently, this makes enormous demands on us, whether we live in the UK or Iraq, Syria, or African nations where there is injustice

Walk in the dark

David Bryant urges courage, not despair

Prayer for the week

Prayer for the week

Through prayer the soul finds its true home amid unrest, says Hester Jones

Tue 25 Nov 14 @ 13:39
Pope Francis addresses Parliament of "aged and weary" Europe - @GavinDrake reports for us from Strasbourg

Tue 25 Nov 14 @ 10:42
The number of people attending midweek services at cathedrals has doubled in the past 10 years