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Drudgery divine

Daniel Wolpert continues his series on prayer

Prayer for the week

Prayer for the week

Ian Robins uses a prayer attributed to King Henry VI

Readings: Last Sunday after Trinity

THERE can be fewer collects shorter and more to the point than this one. It allows no get-out clause as it sums up our problem and points to the source of our help. The readings provide a commentary on this succinct prayer

To the greater glory of God

To the greater glory of God

Daniel Wolpert presents the spiritual examen of St Ignatius Loyola

Prayer for the week

Christopher Collingwood considers words that hurt and heal

Readings: 18th Sunday after Trinity

HOW do we balance our loyalty to God and to secular governments? There is no monochrome view in the Bible

Waiting for God in the still silence

David Wolpert snatches moments of quiet

Prayer for the week

Prayer for the week

Christopher Collingwood on a prayer that has been attributed to St Francis of Assisi

Readings: 17th Sunday after Trinity

WE HEAR Jesus's parable in the context of Isaiah and this week's psalm, Psalm 23, where banquets and celebration point us to the joy of the Messiah's heavenly wedding feast

Readings: 16th Sunday after Trinity

Isaiah - the faithful and, at times, beleaguered prophet, speaking to the nation shortly before Israel was to be wiped off the map by the conquering Assyrians - sang a song of a vineyard

Angelic songs are swelling

Angelic songs are swelling

David Bryant meditates on the ministry of the holy angels

Wed 22 Oct 14 @ 12:05
The Archbishop of York says he is "deeply ashamed" by failure of CofE to protect children

Wed 22 Oct 14 @ 12:04
An inquiry into allegations of sexual abuse by a former Dean of Manchester has identified "systemic failings" in CofE