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Readings: Third Sunday before Advent; Remembrance Sunday

Amos calls us to dare to live faithfully in, and responsively to, the world and national situations in which we find ourselves. He shouts that our God is coming with justice. As the centenary of the First World War reminds us all too cogently, this makes enormous demands on us, whether we live in the UK or Iraq, Syria, or African nations where there is injustice

Walk in the dark

David Bryant urges courage, not despair

Prayer for the week

Prayer for the week

Through prayer the soul finds its true home amid unrest, says Hester Jones

Prayer of the week

Prayer of the week

Hester Jones uses a prayer-poem by Elizabeth Jennings

Over and around

Let the beauty of the earth, God's creation, inspire your prayer, says Daniel Wolper

Readings: Fourth Sunday before Advent

We hear these readings at a time when the world is in convulsion yet again. We are marking the centenary of the war that decimated the fabric of Europe: wars do the same in the Middle East. The same human hatreds and capacity for cruelty manifest themselves as in biblical times

Drudgery divine

Daniel Wolpert continues his series on prayer

Prayer for the week

Prayer for the week

Ian Robins uses a prayer attributed to King Henry VI

Readings: Last Sunday after Trinity (19th Sunday after Trinity)

THERE can be fewer collects shorter and more to the point than this one. It allows no get-out clause as it sums up our problem and points to the source of our help. The readings provide a commentary on this succinct prayer

To the greater glory of God

To the greater glory of God

Daniel Wolpert presents the spiritual examen of St Ignatius Loyola

Prayer for the week

Christopher Collingwood considers words that hurt and heal

Fri 31 Oct 14 @ 15:11
Canon Alan Billings, Labour Party candidate, elected Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire.

Fri 31 Oct 14 @ 14:53
'Positive action' is being taken to create a pool of women ready to be considered for the episcopate