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Letters to the editor

The Church Commissioners and pastoral reorganisation

From the Revd Dr David Goodhew and the Ven. Bob Jackson

Anti-Europeanism: why I voted for UKIP

From Mr A. M. Hughes Sir, - Canon Angela Tilby (Comment, 10 October) thinks that much of UKIP's support arises from a sense of betrayal; she dislikes what she sees as its "scapegoating" of immigration and its "knee-jerk anti-Europeanism". I have voted for UKIP because it...

The NHS, Mary Seacole, and hospital ministry

From Cllr Frank McManus Sir, - Your leader comment "NHS in crisis" (17 October) notes that the service "was once run on Marxist lines - from each according to his ability, to each according to his need". This precept is one for civilised behaviour in any human society,...

Submissions to the Butler-Sloss commission

From Mr Mohammed Aziz Sir, - The edited extracts that you published (Comment, 17 October) from the speech given in Leicester by Lady Butler-Sloss will have helpfully drawn to the attention of your readers the work of the Commission on Religion and Belief in British Public...

The Pilling report and AIDS prevention

From Mrs April Alexander Sir, - After Mr Gavin Turner's letter (10 October), I would like to draw attention to another matter that seems to be missing from the Pilling debate. This is that the official guidance is similarly "almost certainly a serious obstacle" to reducing...

Best Christian books: the debate continues

From Professor Richard Bauckham Sir, - The omission of Calvin's Institutes from the Church Times list of 100 Best Christian Books is bewildering, as two correspondents have already indicated (Letters, 17 October). Almost as astonishing is the absence of anything by Martin...

Taking issue with our panel’s selection of the 100 Best Christian Books

From Canon Christopher Hall; From Miss Vasantha Gnanadoss; From the Revd K. C. Fabricius; From the Revd Jonathan Frais; From Mr Roderick Smith; From the Bishop of Chester

Recent discoveries in biological research

From Professor R. J. Berry; From Dr Richard Crockett; From Dr Gerald Atkinson

Still on board

From Canon Peter Doll

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BERRY. The Revd Heather Berry, OLM of Gaywood, to ...

Resignations and retirements

CARMYLLIE. The Revd Kathryn Carmyllis, Team Rector in the ...


BANFIELD. - On 2 October, the Ven. David John Ban...

York Inquiry finds

York Inquiry finds 'systemic failure' over abuse

IN 1999, after receiving allegations of sexual ab...


New archdeacon THE first Archdeacon of Brighton and...

Job of the week

Chief Administrator

South East

CHICHESTER CATHEDRAL CHIEF ADMINISTRATOR The Chapter of Chichester seek applicants for the office of Chief Executive Officer, known as COMMUNAR The Communar is responsible for strategic financ...  Read More

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A bountiful harvest grown in faith

A bountiful harvest grown in faith

In this extract from their new book, Susie Weldon and Sue Campbell tell the story of Christians and Muslims in Africa who are finding new ways to farm, based on their scriptures  Subscribe to read more

Question of the week
Should the UK take in more refugees fleeing Islamic State's terrorists?

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Top comment

Corporate tax avoider? Shame on you, then!

It might be legal, but is it moral? Geoff Daintree on a new report that challenges people who pay as little tax as they can  Subscribe to read more

Sat 25 Oct 14 @ 10:55
'Moribund churches get the HTB treatment'

Sat 25 Oct 14 @ 9:35
@alansc Hi Alan, We've done this for years. People wanted advance col for time to work on sermons. Col for 26/10 Readings is just below. HS