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Halt this talk of values

Leader:  THE barons at Runnymede had a list of concerns and objectives when they drew up Magna Carta in a meadow next to the Thames in 1215. It would be safe to say that establishing a set of British values was not among them

Right sort of growth

Leader: IT IS inevitable that plans to reform an established and diverse institution such as the Church of England will attract criticism, as bees to a dead lion

Answering terrorism

Leader:  The qualities of respect, tolerance, and acceptance can no longer be assumed to happen by default, but must be pursued and promoted actively

Charlie Hebdo - our cartoonists respond

Charlie Hebdo - our cartoonists respond

Cartoons from Peter Dredge, Dave Gaskell and Noel Ford


Leader: IT IS wise to beware of religious qualifications, by which we mean phrases that attempt to quantify the amount of faith that a believer has

Disorganised religion

Leader: OF ALL the New Testament stories, the epiphany is the most often demythologised

Meeting in the mud

Leader: Over time, through private letters and diaries, historians have come to appreciate the extent of the Christmas truce in 1914

A pooling of talents

Leader: The criteria listed for inclusion in the talent pool seem to be both demanding and conventional, so that we doubt that those who do not "fit in" will make it out of the changing room

His moral compass

Leader: Gordon Brown's achievements will continue to be disputed. But what will endure is his sense of duty to those whom he represented, and most particularly to the poor

Tiger rag

Leader: ST THOMAS's, Norwich, has devised a spoof of the John Lewis Christmas advertisement. Instead of Monty the Penguin™, it shows a boy whose companion is an imaginary tiger

Cathedral conundrum

Leader: Before cathedral administrators preen and parish clergy despair, it would be wise to give the latest figures showing cathedral growth a closer look

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Sexuality tensions threaten to undermine C of E

Sexuality tensions threaten to undermine C of E's 'shared conversations'

SHARP divisions over sexuality mean that as many as...


BARNSHAW. The Revd Anthony Barnshaw, Team Vicar in...

Sentamu exercises

Sentamu exercises 'gracious restraint' over traditionalist bishop's consecration

THE Archbishop of York, Dr Sentamu, will not lay on...

Resignations and retirements

Dean resigns; new Acting Dean The Very Revd Dr Mark...

Called on to build a new kind of bridge

Called on to build a new kind of bridge

THE Cheshire village of Hale is more like a town than...

Job of the week

Priest in Charge

South East

Diocese of Chelmsford is currently looking to fill the following posts Priest-in-charge, St Mary, Prittlewell This ancient parish, in Southend-on-Sea is looking for a priest in the Liberal-Cathol...  Read More

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Called on to build a new kind of bridge

Called on to build a new kind of bridge

Two days after her consecration in York, Gavin Drake meets the new Bishop of Stockport  Subscribe to read more

Question of the week
Is a fundamentalist approach to religion always wrong?

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Dissing the D-word

Angela Tilby: Discipleship as a convenient term to ramp up the commitment of the laity sounds alien to Anglican instincts, and it is. I hope Synod members are gearing up for creative revolt  Read More

Fri 30 Jan 15 @ 16:35
RT @waltonandyGreat to read stories of Syrian refugees in @churchtimes in their own words rather than just seeing them as stats.

Fri 30 Jan 15 @ 16:25
.@stephensizer has now apologised for his 9/11 link on social media