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The morning after

Leader: The General Synod could not be proud of itself, exactly, simply for catching up with just about every other institution in the Western world. The distance that the Church still has to travel until women are unremarkable in positions of authority is great. 

The vote on Monday

Leader:  THE bruising of November 2012 will be in the minds of General Synod members as they gather in York today. No one could wish on the C of E a repeat of the opprobrium it received after the defeat of the first women-bishops legislation.

Savile, Harris, and the loss of innocence

Leader: The dilemma of how to protect children continues to exercise parents. The standard approach is to deny children the sorts of freedoms that parents enjoyed, while not ensuring that they are much safer.

Misuse of the courts

Leader: As a consequence of Meriam Ibrahim's treatment, both the law and those responsible for its application are brought into disrepute.

The rise of ISIS

Leader: The ISIS forces currently sweeping through Iraq pose a potentially greater threat than did the al-Qaeda camps in Afghanistan.

Kicking off

Leader: The English Premiership, the richest league in the world, has much to answer for. For all the innovations of the past 20 years, the dirty, brutal tactics of the past remain, and, thanks to the television franchise, are exported around the world

Something can be done

Leader: In Bloxham last weekend, several speakers at the Church Times's Festival of Faith and Literature wrestled with the dilemma of intervention

A loss in Europe

Leader: The victory of the Eurosceptic parties last week, not just in semi-detached Britain, but in France, Denmark, Greece, and elsewhere, sounded a warning bell to the centre-right coalition that continues to form the majority bloc in the Parliament. Whether it has heard that warning remains to be seen.

Threat of apostasy

Leader:  The absurd brutality of apostasy laws in Sudan and elsewhere in the Islamic world, however latent, have been pointed up by the particulars of Mrs Ibrahim's case

Evil of Boko Haram

Leader: The Islamic states in the north of Africa and the Middle East could do more to isolate Boko Haram, perhaps even by contributing to the efforts to find the girls and neutralise the group's threat.

Twenty years on

Twenty years on

Leader: The July Synod meeting will prove (we trust) to be the final test. It is everyone's desire to have this matter settled satisfactorily, so that the Church can concentrate its energies on its other business

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Synod delivers a confident vote for women bishops

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Resignations and retirements

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A poet who sets puzzles

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Thu 24 Jul 14 @ 13:47
Meriam Ibrahim has arrived safely in Italy, weeks after being freed from her death sentence in Sudan for apostasy

Thu 24 Jul 14 @ 9:40
Meriam Ibrahim, recently freed from a death sentence for apostasy in Sudan, has flown to Italy.