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Smash and squeeze

The Middle East and North Africa, where Christians lament the demise of autocratic dictators, are places that demand the keenest moral acuity

Targeting Muslims

THERE is a test that can be applied to any rhetoric about extremism

Limits of the market

The market is unable to respond to the environmental crisis

Leader: A tilt at Sundays

There is much to be lost here, and very little to be gained, even by the people whose nagging seems to have turned the Chancellor’s head

Leader: A work of the Spirit

Leader: A work of the Spirit

Church numbers are only one indicator of health, and not always a reliable one. If Christians are faithful to Christ, all else will follow.

Leader: International law

IT APPEARS that Tony Blair's tendency to exclude history from his decisions has been adopted by David Cameron

Leader: Not in good hands

THE content of Pope Francis's encyclical on the environment, Laudio Si, released yesterday, was not really the point

An inspector called

THERE are many things that are admirable about the UK justice system. Not the least of these is the monitoring regime organised by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Prisons. Immigration Removal Centres, like ordinary prisons, are inspected on average every three to four years, usually...

Leader: God unmanned

The passage of time means that it is possible to talk of God as mother without the self-consciousness that plagued earlier attempts; and there is a better understanding of why many people, men as well as women, find the association of God with fathers problematic

Leader: A reality check

The continued withholding of the Church's blessing from certain couples will increasingly undermine the Church, if not marriage itself

Leader: A church definition

PENTECOST is traditionally regarded as the Church's birthday. Perhaps this year our gift to the Holy Spirit might be an end to the distinction made between the church as a building and as a people. The lament is heard too often that this or that church is a burden to its congregation,...

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Absconding rector hands himself in after three days on the run

Absconding rector hands himself in after three days on the run

A PRIEST who absconded from court last week, just as...

Readings: 9th Sunday after Trinity

2 Samuel 11.26-12.13a; Psalm 51.1-13; Ephesians 4.1-16;...


New Dean for Chicago  THE next Dean of St James’s Episcopal...

Resignations and retirements

Dean of Lincoln to retire THE Very Revd Philip Buckler,...


CHERRY. — On 21 July, the Revd Malcolm Stephen Cherry:...

Job of the week


North West

ST MICHAEL'S CE HIGH SCHOOL, CHORLEY, LANCASHIRE 'Excellence within a Christian Context' Pending the retirement of our present highly successful Headteacher in December 2015, the governors are seek...  Read More

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A vase? You must be kidding

A vase? You must be kidding

Flower festivals have become big business, attracting visitors and funds. Jemima Thackray plots their growth  Subscribe to read more

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Regardless of the amount given, are there fewer people donating to your church than in previous years?

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Smug and weird — no wonder it’s a turn-off

Congregations need to welcome newcomers with a sensitivity to their questions and doubts, says Christopher Whitby  Read More

Fri 31 Jul 15 @ 18:59
@steveLIVS @RhodesWriter @c_of_e It wasn't our data, it was a survey by the British Election Study. HS

Fri 31 Jul 15 @ 15:25
Giving in @c_of_e up to £1 billion. But number of givers falling