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Something to aim for

IN HIS speech to the United Nations on Friday, Pope Francis warned against easy pledges, however solemnly delivered

Leader: January in Kent

There will be time between now and January to consider some of the options for the Communion. For now, we simply express the hope that everyone will come to the party

Leader: Radical at the helm

THE election of an obscure, hard-left radical to give birth to a new era in politics is not completely unfamiliar to our reader

Alan’s legacy

Restoring Syria as a secure place to live will require vast resources and a good deal of time, and even then the outcome is dubious

The Queen’s reign

WHEN Queen Victoria became the longest-reigning monarch in British history, the Church Times suggested that there was a difference between her reign and the long reigns of some of her predecessors

Benefit cheats

The annual social-security bill is reduced — between four and six per cent of claimants are sanctioned each month — but not in the way it should be, that is, by helping people back into work

Dying with dignity

Long hijacked by those in the euthanasia business, 'dignity' needs to be reclaimed by those who believe that a person retains his or her dignity regardless of the efficiency of bodily functions

VJ — 70 years on

IF MARKING the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe called for a careful balance between celebration, remembrance, and penitence, how much more challenging is the commemoration of Victory in Japan

Cameron’s ‘swarm’

Cameron’s ‘swarm’

The strangers, the poor, the disabled, those who cannot help themselves — all are as much in the image of God, and the concern of the Lord Jesus, as those who enjoy security in this small island

Smash and squeeze

The Middle East and North Africa, where Christians lament the demise of autocratic dictators, are places that demand the keenest moral acuity

Targeting Muslims

THERE is a test that can be applied to any rhetoric about extremism

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ALLFORD. The Revd Judith Allford, formerly Chaplain...

Resignations and retirements

ABRAM. The Revd Steven Abram, Team Vicar in the Mid...

Bishop of London tells story of Diocese

Bishop of London tells story of Diocese's revival

BY 2050, London could be an international beacon of...

Catholics urged to fuller participation in C of E

Catholics urged to fuller participation in C of E

THE Church of England’s traditional Catholics are being...


BARTLETT.— On 27 September, the Revd Maurice Edward...

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Registered Manager

South East

The College of St Barnabas is seeking to appoint a Registered Manager for our 28 bed registered Nursing Wing with responsibility also for domiciliary care for 37 residents in sheltered housing. Thi...  Read More

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Playing between light and shade

Playing between light and shade

David Oyelowo's film roles have switched from a statesman to a killer. He talked to Simon Jones  Subscribe to read more

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How to make freshers welcome: ten top tips

Churches of all types can offer a much-needed spiritual home to new students, says Sally Hitchiner  Read More

Tue 6 Oct 15 @ 15:15
RT @tswyattStill keen to speak to any Christians who are at the Conservative party conference #cpc15 Please email and RT

Tue 6 Oct 15 @ 14:58
How to make freshers welcome: ten top tips by @SallyHitchiner