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For this relief. . .

Leader: The C of E perhaps does not deserve to feel proud of itself, but it can feel relieved, and thankful

Doubling up in RS

Leader: The new proposal that the exam syllabus for GCSE and A level should make the study of two religions compulsory is welcome

Purpose of poppies

Leader: Remembrance Sunday is not a great anti-war rally, though this would be a perfectly logical development. Certainly it should be nearer this than a celebration of military prowess, which it sometimes too closely resembles

Saints and spirits

Leader: Beyond excusing heavy drinking and indulgence in the macabre among the twenty-somethings, today's Hallowe'en frolics mostly have little spiritual or religious impact here, because the context of a society in which a deep-rooted belief in spirits and demons in general no longer exists

Welcome to our world

Leader: What was really radical about this synod was the publication of voting figures for each clause in the final document. From this we discover that a significant minority, 62 to 118, voted against the watered-down statement about homosexual people

NHS in crisis

Leader: THE next General Election will not be won on the issue of health. Prominence will be given to the economy (correctly), welfare (ideally), immigration (regrettably), and personality (disastrously)

A hard landing

Leader: The trouble with growth, unless is it accompanied by environmental regulation and technical innovation, is that carbon emissions grow proportionately

War in stages

Leader: It is possible that the UK will find itself involved in a war of indeterminate length without ever really having agreed to it

An important game

Leader: People need to be particularly hard of heart to shun political or religious opponents after they have played against them on the sports field

After the fire

Leader: Like the world's climate, the charity sector appears to be experiencing more extreme giving patterns

Bearing costs in mind

Leader: Few outside the medical profession know the extent of mental illness as well as teachers and the clergy: teachers, because all life passes through their classrooms; clergy, because, with good fortune, those who are distressed are often drawn to churches

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BRITT. The Revd William Britt, Assistant Curate of...

Forward in Faith looks to the future

Forward in Faith looks to the future

THERE was talk of "going forward with confidence"...

Resignations and retirements

AINSWORTH. The Revd Michael Ainsworth, Rector of St...

Sainsbury’s Christmas ad criticised

Sainsbury’s Christmas ad criticised

A PRIEST from West Yorkshire is among at least 240...

Readings: Christ the King

Ezekiel 34.11-16, 20-24; Ephesians 1.15-end; Matthew 25.31-end  Eternal...

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Professor of Divinity

London and Home Counties

Gresham CollegeFounded 1597 Gresham Professor of Divinity Gresham College has provided free public lectures for over 400 years in the City of London and now operates worldwide via the internet. Fo...  Read More

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Finding life over death

Finding life over death

Denise Inge, who died on Easter Day this year, discovered that her home was built over a charnel house. This prompted her to write a book exploring the challenge of living well in the face of mortality  Subscribe to read more

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Are foodbanks an effective way of dealing with poverty?

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Fighting inequality and corruption in the world

Efforts are being made to combat corruption and sharp practice in global finance. Peter Selby has seen this at first hand  Subscribe to read more

Fri 21 Nov 14 @ 18:23
This week's @churchtimes caption competition (£)

Fri 21 Nov 14 @ 18:11
Church leaders condemn murder of American hostage