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Leader comment

Meeting in the mud

Leader: Over time, through private letters and diaries, historians have come to appreciate the extent of the Christmas truce in 1914

A pooling of talents

Leader: The criteria listed for inclusion in the talent pool seem to be both demanding and conventional, so that we doubt that those who do not "fit in" will make it out of the changing room

His moral compass

Leader: Gordon Brown's achievements will continue to be disputed. But what will endure is his sense of duty to those whom he represented, and most particularly to the poor

Tiger rag

Leader: ST THOMAS's, Norwich, has devised a spoof of the John Lewis Christmas advertisement. Instead of Monty the Penguin™, it shows a boy whose companion is an imaginary tiger

Cathedral conundrum

Leader: Before cathedral administrators preen and parish clergy despair, it would be wise to give the latest figures showing cathedral growth a closer look

Francis at the EU

Leader: The idea that something as large and diverse as a continent can have an image seems bizarre. Europe has not only an image, but an image problem

For this relief. . .

Leader: The C of E perhaps does not deserve to feel proud of itself, but it can feel relieved, and thankful

Doubling up in RS

Leader: The new proposal that the exam syllabus for GCSE and A level should make the study of two religions compulsory is welcome

Purpose of poppies

Leader: Remembrance Sunday is not a great anti-war rally, though this would be a perfectly logical development. Certainly it should be nearer this than a celebration of military prowess, which it sometimes too closely resembles

Saints and spirits

Leader: Beyond excusing heavy drinking and indulgence in the macabre among the twenty-somethings, today's Hallowe'en frolics mostly have little spiritual or religious impact here, because the context of a society in which a deep-rooted belief in spirits and demons in general no longer exists

Welcome to our world

Leader: What was really radical about this synod was the publication of voting figures for each clause in the final document. From this we discover that a significant minority, 62 to 118, voted against the watered-down statement about homosexual people

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Reforms needed to halt decline, says Archbishop Welby

Reforms needed to halt decline, says Archbishop Welby

PLANS to transform the Church of England were trailed...

Episcopal cloud over conversion of civil partnerships

Episcopal cloud over conversion of civil partnerships

THE Revd Richard Haggis always regarded his civil...


BANCROFT. The Revd Patricia Bancroft, Assistant Curate...

C of E leaders respond to ‘turbulence’ over Green report

C of E leaders respond to ‘turbulence’ over Green report

THE Archbishop of Canterbury and other bishops this...

Views on long-awaited episcopal appointments

From the Revd James Paice and others Sir, - We are...

Job of the week

Lecturer in Biblical Studies

New Zealand

THE COLLEGE OF ST JOHN THE EVANGELIST LECTURER IN BIBLICAL STUDIES (known as 'The Sir Paul Reeves' Lecturer') St John's Theological College (An Anglican Seminary of the Province of Aotearoa, New ...  Read More

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I was there when the tsunami struck

I was there when the tsunami struck

Ten years ago, Maxwell Hutchinson and his wife were on holiday in Sri Lanka when it was torn apart by the tsunami. He tells how they survived  Subscribe to read more

Question of the week
Should sanctions be imposed on clergy who marry a same-sex partner?

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There is no divine right of managers

Business should be learning from the Church rather than the other way round, argues Justin Lewis-Anthony  Subscribe to read more

Mon 22 Dec 14 @ 9:59
The Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem talks to the BBC about the state of the Middle East, much of which is in his diocese

Sat 20 Dec 14 @ 17:32
RT @StevenSaxbyThat's it: household chores done, I am off to @BrodiesBeers pub with bumper edition of @churchtimes !