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On leaving office

Leader: THE Prime Minister's chance disclosure that he is not contemplating a third term in office has rattled his party, unused to seeing its internal speculation about succession made suddenly public

Methodists and unity

Leader: The latest Anglican-Methodist report on unity is intelligent and well informed, outlining the progress towards unity that has been made by the two denominations, mapping the ground still to be covered

In praise of parents

Leader:  A Parenting Sunday, were it not such a dreadful phrase, could do much to highlight the complementary - indeed, largely identical - tasks and responsibilities taken on by mothers and fathers

Uncaring welcome

Leader: THE economy, housing, education, unemployment, health, the environment, foreign policy, constitutional change - there are any number of issues on which the forthcoming General Election might turn. Why, then, does immigration continually top polls of voters' concerns? 

A letter to be read

Leader: TO GRASP the radical nature of the C of E Bishops' pre-election pastoral letter, it is necessary only to look at the equivalent letter released by the Roman Catholic hierarchy this week

Sand and souls

Leader: The witness of the Christian faith is that Jesus enters the desert, but his heart does not become a stone

A banker’s ethics

Leader:  WHEN evidence emerged of large-scale tax evasion through a Swiss subsidiary of HSBC, it was natural that fingers would point at the bank's former chairman and chief executive, Lord Green of Hurstpierpoint, an Anglican priest since 1988

Middle of the bed

Leader: Facilitated conversations about sexuality are due to begin later this year. There is no expectation that opposing parties will agree with each other. The object is simply to ensure that they remain in the same Church, or, if that is too ambitious, split up in a nice way

Halt this talk of values

Leader:  THE barons at Runnymede had a list of concerns and objectives when they drew up Magna Carta in a meadow next to the Thames in 1215. It would be safe to say that establishing a set of British values was not among them

Right sort of growth

Leader: IT IS inevitable that plans to reform an established and diverse institution such as the Church of England will attract criticism, as bees to a dead lion

Answering terrorism

Leader:  The qualities of respect, tolerance, and acceptance can no longer be assumed to happen by default, but must be pursued and promoted actively

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Rachel Treweek goes to Gloucester as C of E

Rachel Treweek goes to Gloucester as C of E's first woman diocesan bishop

GLOUCESTER is to have the Church of England's first...

Changes in training prompt resignation and protest letter

Changes in training prompt resignation and protest letter

A PROPOSAL to devolve decision-making about ministerial...


A'COURT. The Revd Darren A' Court, Rector of Okeford,...

These proposals cause us to fear for the future of ministerial training

From the Revd Dr Jeremy Morris and 16 others Sir,...

Resignations and retirements

BUTTIMER. The Revd Cynthia Buttimer, NSM (Assistant...

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Diocese in Europe The Church of England Archdeacon of Germany & Northern Europe and Archdeacon of the East (with a diocesan brief for mission) This is a unique opportunity to contribute to th...  Read More

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The advocacy and the ecstasy

The advocacy and the ecstasy

St Teresa, born in Avila 500 years ago this weekend, is often depicted in a religious fervour. But there was much more to her than that, writes Laurie Vere  Subscribe to read more

Question of the week
Can Christians be trendy?

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Lessons from history can teach us how to live

The long shadow of the past can not only illuminate the present but also point to a more hopeful future, writes David Monteith  Subscribe to read more

Sat 28 Mar 15 @ 17:15
"Crude, insensitive, and paternalistic" - Franklin Graham condemned by Evangelical leaders

Sat 28 Mar 15 @ 16:13
World Council of Churches (@Oikoumene) consults on humanitarian aid for Ukraine