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Sexual violence

Leader: The sexual abuse of women to humiliate a community is one of the most despicable acts of war. Alongside our disturbing report of how widespread this practice is, it is good to be able to report the many efforts that are being developed to combat this crime.

Injustice matters

Leader: THERE were pickets outside probation offices and a march on Westminster this week, as solicitors and probation officers argued against cuts to the legal-aid system and the privatisation of 70 per cent of the Probation Service.

Room to manoeuvre

Leader: The Bishops find themselves with little room to manoeuvre over same-sex marriage. If meaningful dialogue is to take place as it ought, a new interim position needs to be forged that takes a more realistic view of the new terrain.

A ‘Justin-effect’?

Leader: In one respect at least, the Pope and the Archbishop resemble football managers. Their words can be analysed, but at the end of the day, it is the performance of their teams that must be judged.

A short view of dying

Leader: NORMAN LAMB is Minister of State for Care and Support in the Department of Health. Included among his responsibilities are older people, carers, and end-of-life care. It is extraordinary that someone in such a position should favour assisted dying - and that someone with such views should continue to hold such a position. 

A line in the snow

Leader: The United States and the EU have responded with threats of sanctions; but these threats may well prove hollow: it appears that such sanctions will hit the West at least as hard as they hit Russia.

Different visions of the Church’s future

Leader: By deliberately choosing a wide range of authors for this last instalment of our health check, we present readers with a similarly large range of visions.

Same-sex marriage

Leader: THE release of the Bishops' Pastoral Guidance on Same-Sex Marriage missed St Valentine's Day by one minute, but it was a near thing, and perhaps not the best end to a week in which the C of E attempted to demonstrate that, despite differences, it had a working knowledge of what unity demanded.

Human influence

Leader: The degradation of the world's forests and the irresponsible use of fossil fuels are clear causes of the chaotic weather that, having brought mayhem to the more vulnerable regions of the world, now brings hardship to the affluent West.

Case for ‘free’ churches

Leader: AS A rule of thumb, we would like the Archbishop of Canterbury to be right. This is not the case with his turn-of-the year sound-bite correlating church growth with good priests.


Leader: IT IS not all about the numbers, of course. In our new series on the health of the Church of England, we begin by looking at trends in attendance. Official C of E figures suggest an overall decline of nine per cent in the past decade. We are not in the business of public relations: this is a sign of a body in poor health.

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West Midlands

The Church of England, Birmingham "As the youngest urban population in one of the most lively and diverse regions, Birmingham is a great place to be. The rich variety of social contexts in the Archd...  Read More

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First the rape. Then the stigma. Now the healing?

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Should violence in Africa affect church policy in the UK?

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No compassion or common sense

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Wed 16 Apr 14 @ 16:35
.@David_Cameron writes for us tomorrow on his faith in the Church of England

Wed 16 Apr 14 @ 15:22
PM: "Some fault the C of E for perceived woolliness when it comes to belief. I am not one for doctrinal purity..."