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Why I don’t go to Greenbelt

Angela Tilby: So here I am again, wondering why I never made it to Greenbelt last weekend to sample the artists, thinkers, activists, and people of passion who were signed up to perform at the great spiritual festival

The Scots’ vote affects the whole UK

The independence debate has a significant knock-on effect, says Paul Vallely

Word from Wormingford

Word from Wormingford

Ronald Blythe walks through blackberry-blossomed churchyards

Seek renewal for the long haul, not a quick fix

Angela Tilby: David Cameron was right to resist vehement cries from the press and elsewhere to recall Parliament in the wake of an apparently worsening crisis in northern Iraq

Focus on the opposition to all faiths

Religious people need to decry persecution more widely, says Paul Vallely

Business in church: first steps

Maggie Durran: Our architect recommended that we contact you for advice on how to move forward with our idea for setting up a community business in our church - a business that will help to build links with and serve local people. Can you help us to get started?

Word from Wormingford

Word from Wormingford

Ronald Blythe takes in his late-summer garden, leaning on a new stick

Four years to learn the lessons of war

Remembering needs to be more about understanding, says Paul Vallely

Theology grounded in prayer

Angela Tilby: I FIND that August is a good month to get stuck in to some serious theology. Sarah Coakley is probably the most perceptive and original theologian in the Church of England.

Word from Wormingford

Word from Wormingford

Ronald Blythe returns from matins to find three poets in his garden

Shortage of peacemakers

Simon Parke: IN 30 years' time, I predict a shortage of peacemakers in Gaza - and here is the reason why.

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New chancellor THE new Chancellor of the diocese...

Resignations and retirements

BENSON. The Revd Christopher Benson, Vicar of Longstone,...

Please announce the celebrant’s name

From Mavis Jacobs Sir, - Why is there a reluctan...


BATY. - On 23 August, the Revd Dr Edward Baty: Suc...

Two new bishops for West Yorkshire

Two new bishops for West Yorkshire

THE names of the final two bishops for the Church of...

Job of the week

House for Duty Priest


THE DIOCESE OF ST DAVIDS wishes to appoint a HOUSE FOR DUTY PRIEST TO SERVE IN THE PARISHES OF ST DOGMAELS & NEVERN & MONINGTON. The parishes comprise the village of St Dogmaels with the ru...  Read More

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New home, with room to grow

New home, with room to grow

The Greenbelt Festival made its first appearance at Boughton House. Paul Handley introduces our review of the weekend's events  Subscribe to read more

Question of the week
Should religion and ethnicity be considered as factors by the police and social services?

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Why boosts to self-esteem don’t cure all ills

Encouraging people to believe that they are special can be counter-productive, argues Glynn Harrison  Subscribe to read more

Mon 1 Sep 14 @ 16:17
RT @SCM_PressEducation, Education, Education! Look out for the next issue of @cruciblejournal edited by @DrJohnReader. Coming soon

Mon 1 Sep 14 @ 11:31
The Archbishop of York @JohnSentamu warns that Iraq could become another Rwanda