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The victims are the ones we don’t hear

Angela Tilby: The creation of a culture of victimhood is often a strategy in nationalist and separationist movements. It provides excitement and romance, and catches the imagination of musicians, writers, and artists

Schooling can help fight terrorism

It is myopic to neglect education for Syrian refugees, says Paul Vallely

Word from Wormingford

Word from Wormingford

Ronald Blythe succumbs to late-summer sloth

Passing round the plate

Maggie Durran: "If you don't ask, you don't get. . ."

Surviving the news

Simon Parke: If we felt each awfulness - large and small - taking place at this moment, it would be difficult to function. The poor are always with us - but we're still allowed to laugh.

Probing the Scottish Don’t-knows

There are many reasons for not voting, says Paul Vallely

Word from Wormingford

Word from Wormingford

As in his youth, Ronald Blythe is thrilled by seeing the sea

Reminder: never buy a girl a pink Bible

Peter Graystone suggests some unexpected role-models for Christian girls

The little grey cells

Simon Parke: Many see the fictional detective as a Christ-figure in the eye of the storm, a lighthouse leading us home to a place of explanation, justice, and restoration

An eloquent riposte to the jihadists

Images from Iraq make grief personal, says Paul Vallely

How sensible are your plans?

Maggie Durran: We are adapting our church facilities for better use for community activities. It is not a cheap process, as our church is Grade I. The result of our applications to charitable trusts is some small grants, but at the present rate we are not going to achieve our target. Is there something we are missing?

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ASHTON. The Revd Susan Ashton, NS Assistant Curate...

Resignations and retirements

BUNDOCK. The Revd Ronald Bundock, NS Area Dean of Buc...


BOOTES. - On 18 September, the Revd Fr Michael Cha...

Pilling report’s treatment of evidence; and gay Anglicans exploring a vocation

From the Revd John Prysor-Jones Sir, - The Revd Profess...

Chancellor lambasts ‘really stupid’ sale of painting

Chancellor lambasts ‘really stupid’ sale of painting

THE Diocesan Chancellor of the Gloucester, the Wo...

Job of the week

National Adviser & Archbishop's Secretary for Inter Religious Affairs

London and Home Counties

With its network of parishes covering the country, the Church of England plays an active role in national life, bringing animportant Christian dimension to the nation as well as strengthening community....  Read More

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How we took our pick

How we took our pick

Paul Handley explains why we began our quest for the best 100 Christian books, and how we reached our verdicts  Read More

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Will world leaders make the changes needed to combat climate change?

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When the nation needs a shared sense of sacrifice

War memorials have been made more Christian, but this has blurred distinctions between faith and patriotism, says John Wolffe  Subscribe to read more

Wed 1 Oct 14 @ 16:45
RT @CT100Books: @churchtimes in 1942 compared The Man Born to Be King with the Passion Play at Oberammergau. ' #CT100

Wed 1 Oct 14 @ 16:31
@churchtimes on Lux Mundi, 1890: 'It is an extreme unhappiness that this book should have been written, prefaced, edited, published.' #CT100