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Brief encounter

Simon Parke: STATIONS tend to be passing-through places, where we step hurriedly from platform to exit, eager to be on our way. But, at King's Cross St Pancras, the station itself might be the way

Thoughts of another definitive synod

Hexham's Celtic heritage makes it well worth a visit, says Paul Vallely

In praise of going gently into that good night

Angela Tilby: THE recent death of the Oxo Mum Lynda Bellingham has focused attention on how we end our lives, particularly when facing a terminal diagnosis

Word from Wormingford

Word from Wormingford

A pungent odour takes Ronald Blythe back to his book-polishing days

Build upon the rock

Maggie Durran: Your recent column on preparing a community audit when thinking about developing a church (24 October) did not go quite as far as we wanted. We are thinking of developing a community/local business in our church. What kind of community audit should we prepare?

Don’t be fooled: this was a big thing

The Vatican gathering on the family was momentous, says Paul Vallely

Photo was all a bit too revealing

Angela Tilby: KAREN DANCZUK, a Rochdale councillor, was recently taken to task by the journalist Janet Street-Porter and the pop star Jamelia for posting revealing selfies on social media

Going into the red

Simon Parke: I HAVE just walked past the Museum of Pornography and the Museum of Marijuana, Hash, and Hemp. I am also within hailing distance of prostitutes dressed to tempt and displayed in generously sized windows. I am in the Salvation Army Centre in the red-light district of Amsterdam

Word from Wormingford

Word from Wormingford

Ronald Blythe marvels at the CV of one of the Apostles

Not every change is needed

Maggie Durran: We want to make some changes to our church, and possibly create an extension to make provision for activities by other groups. We have more than one view on how to start planning changes; how would you advise that we move forward?

Foretaste of heaven with Mary Berry

Angela Tilby: I AM quite surprised to be confessing this, but I was one of the 12.3 million to watch the final of The Great British Bake Off

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York Inquiry finds

York Inquiry finds 'systemic failure' over abuse

IN 1999, after receiving allegations of sexual ab...


Archdeacon to retire THE Ven. Dr William Jacob, A...

Independent reviewer for new women-bishops era named

Independent reviewer for new women-bishops era named

DISPUTES over the implementation of arrangements fo...


BERRY. The Revd Heather Berry, OLM of Gaywood, to ...

Resignations and retirements

BAKER. The Revd Alexander Baker, NSM of St Matthew's...

Job of the week


West Midlands

PRINCIPAL ST ALBAN'S ACADEMY Lead an outstanding high-profile school in Birmingham St Alban's Academy serves the Highgate area of Birmingham. It is part of the ARK Schools group, a network of ...  Read More

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Top feature

It’s not all religion’s fault

It’s not all religion’s fault

In her new book, Karen Armstrong argues that violence comes from a deep-seated 'warrior ethos' rather than from religion. She talks to Cole Moreton  Subscribe to read more

Question of the week
Should the seal of the confessional be absolute?

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Top comment

Clergy are ‘more like Old Labour than New’

A survey commissioned to support debates on the future of the C of E yields some interesting results, says Linda Woodhead  Read More

Fri 31 Oct 14 @ 12:49
Clergy are ‘more like Old Labour than New’ - read analysis by @LindaWoodhead here

Fri 31 Oct 14 @ 10:38
NEW: Lord Hope ends formal ministry after Cahill Inquiry findings @