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Reminder: never buy a girl a pink Bible

Peter Graystone suggests some unexpected role-models for Christian girls

The little grey cells

Simon Parke: Many see the fictional detective as a Christ-figure in the eye of the storm, a lighthouse leading us home to a place of explanation, justice, and restoration

An eloquent riposte to the jihadists

Images from Iraq make grief personal, says Paul Vallely

How sensible are your plans?

Maggie Durran: We are adapting our church facilities for better use for community activities. It is not a cheap process, as our church is Grade I. The result of our applications to charitable trusts is some small grants, but at the present rate we are not going to achieve our target. Is there something we are missing?

Word from Wormingford

Word from Wormingford

Ronald Blythe reflects on the pleasure of being caught in the rain

Commissioners in talks with BP after oil-rig ruling

I AM infuriated by a matching pair of books in a local bookshop. One is bright pink and called Bible Stories for Girls. Among others, it features the story of Ruth, emphasising her kindness and loyalty (but is vague about what it took on the threshing floor to get her man)....

When a kind of illiteracy leads to cruelty

The Ashya King case has revealed ignorance about faith, says Paul Vallely

The comedy of war

Simon Parke: WAR is not considered a laughing matter. But The Wipers Times did what it could to mock and make light of hell's gates

Word from Wormingford

Word from Wormingford

Ronald Blythe gives thanks for the summers he has enjoyed during his life

Basics of adapting a church

Maggie Durran: Are there fundamental things to know when adapting our church for added use by our local community? We have learned some lessons over recent years, but would value your view

Why I don’t go to Greenbelt

Angela Tilby: So here I am again, wondering why I never made it to Greenbelt last weekend to sample the artists, thinkers, activists, and people of passion who were signed up to perform at the great spiritual festival

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Bishop to retire THE Rt Revd Peter Maurice, Bishop of T...

'No hidden agenda' behind sexuality conversations

THERE is no "hidden agenda" behind the shared conversations on...

Pemberton mounts a legal challenge over lost NHS job

Pemberton mounts a legal challenge over lost NHS job

AN NHS chaplain who is in a same-sex marriage has fi...

Resignations and retirements

ASHTON. The Revd Mary Ashton, Vicar of All Saints...


HARRIES. - On 17 August, the Revd Henry Rayner Mackin...

Job of the week


North West

Director: transforming Wigan This ground breaking church commissioners funded project offers a motivated, inspirational and talented clergy person the oppourtunity to make their mark. Over seven years...  Read More

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Christian fiction in a novel form

Christian fiction in a novel form

Catherine Fox could not find a publisher for her latest novel, until she decided to serialise it as a blog. She talks to Sarah Meyrick  Subscribe to read more

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Reminder: never buy a girl a pink Bible

Peter Graystone suggests some unexpected role-models for Christian girls  Subscribe to read more

Thu 18 Sep 14 @ 15:52
The new issue of Church Times is out tomorrow. Here is our preview >

Thu 18 Sep 14 @ 14:08
RT @SeonagMLove this sign outside an Edinburgh church doubling as a polling booth today.