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Word from Wormingford

Word from Wormingford

Vestry photographs can reveal the nature of a place,says Ronald Blythe

Addictive unhealthy food should be taxed

Angela Tilby is with Jamie Oliver on this one

Cheap milk is not just about cash

The crisis is environmental and social, says Paul Vallely

Word from Wormingford

Word from Wormingford

Ronald Blythe reflects on retirement and the enchantment of St James

Redesigning church lighting

Maggie Durran recommends the involvement of a lighting designer

In death we no longer have choice

Angelia Tilby reflects on the death of Gill Pharoah, a former palliative-care nurse, at Dignitas

In praise of physique and spark

Paul Vallely lays a bouquet of words in honour of the dancer Jonathan Ollivier, who was killed on Sunday

Word from Wormingford

Word from Wormingford

A prayer discipline by the window occupies the thoughts of Ronald Blythe

A socialist vision of the Kingdom

Angela Tilby on the potential problem for Hard Left Christians who believe that a socialist society should be morally obvious to those who follow Christ 

Science can heal but not soften hearts

Paul Vallely celebrates the redemptive power of art

Three-per-cent ‘retention’

A reader asks about when the final three per cent should be paid to a builder

Word from Wormingford

Word from Wormingford

Ronald Blythe makes a long journey and visits a packed village pub

Humility shocks us to humanity

Angela Tilby confesses to an addiction to hospital documentaries.

A scandal that reveals strengths

The Sewel affair suggests that the system works well, says Paul Vallely

Word from Wormingford

Word from Wormingford

Ronald Blythe wonders how a farm labourer dealt with summer heat

Self-interest could end the EU dream

TWO weeks ago, I drafted a column about the motorbike-riding former Finance Minister of Greece, Yanis Varoufakis, who was the first casualty of the Greek referendum

BBC values are vital to cohesion

Self-professed "BBC groupie" Angela Tilby enters the fray

The reason you don’t need an eraser

There is no shame in admitting to a change of mind, says Peter Graystone

Word from Wormingford

Word from Wormingford

The discovery of an old book takes Ronald Blythe back to 40 years ago

While waiting to hear . . .

Maggie Durran answers a reader's question about approaching grants for money

Word from Wormingford

Word from Wormingford

Ronald Blythe and a fellow author visit the grave of a poet

Conservatives and the Corporation

The Government has mounted another attack on the BBC, says Paul Vallely

An inspector who made the right call

Angela Tilby reflects on the death of Chris Woodhead

On the fault line of faith and politics

Sometimes it is a case of malice aforethought, suggests Paul Vallely

Word from Wormingford

Word from Wormingford

Ronald Blythe thinks of a Scot who led prayer in the South Sea islands

Kerb-sets project a big deal

A former chairman of a churchyard committee caring for 12,500 graves, has some words of wisdom

Word from Wormingford

Word from Wormingford

Ronald Blythe is struck by the abilities of the clerics whom he is addressing

The good of Christian forgiveness

Christianity is not the only faith tradition to recognise the importance of forgiveness, but it does so in a very particular way, writes Angela Tilby

Defending their corner from Francis

Responses to Laudato Si' show hearts hardening, says Paul Vallely

Word from Wormingford

Word from Wormingford

Ronald Blythe ponders immortality, and the unemployed horse

More and better religion, not less

Schools need to teach about the real thing now more than ever, says Paul Vallely

Word from Wormingford

Word from Wormingford

Ronald Blythe compares and contrasts the faith of two public figures

Why ignorance is indeed a sin

Violence is viscerally rooted in some versions of religion, says Paul Vallely

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Quantifying the unquantifiable

Quantifying the unquantifiable

Maths geek, alumnus of a church youth group, and youngest ever World Poetry Slam champion, the ‘performance poet’ Harry Baker is a Greenbelt favourite. He talks to Malcolm Doney  Read More

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Beauty is about truth, not just nice appreciation

Aesthetic experiences should connect people with God — and with human tragedy and hope, says Hugh Rayment-Pickard  Read More

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