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A moving story

Simon Parke reflects on moving house

Watch for history shaped by culture

Not all stories are equal, says Paul Vallely

The need to charm your enemies

Angela Tilby discusses the sacking of Michael Gove

Word from Wormingford

Ronald Blythe delights in seeing a scythe used to cut the orchard grass

Business can be a force for good

Companies are finding that social responsibility pays dividends, says Paul Vallely

Why the old Lord’s Prayer makes more sense

Angela Tilby finds the contemporary-language version of the Lord's Prayer lacking

Disabled parking and VAT

Maggie Durran: I am writing about the VAT zero-rating for disabled facilities. Our church is planning to create a small car park for seven cars beside the church, which will include one disabled bay.

Word from Wormingford

Word from Wormingford

Ronald Blythe visits the home village of one of England's greatest poets

Headship: how do we see it today?

Angela Tilby: It may be a logical deduction from scripture to believe in male headship, but it surely makes sense only if it is total. To limit women's subordination to the part they play in church and family must be dubious on scriptural grounds.

Venturing into the dragon’s den

The experience of others is vital when starting up a new business, says Simon Parke

Members or volunteers?

Maggie Durran: We are filling in forms to apply for grants, and somehow we find ourselves arguing about whether we are members or volunteers. To some of us, at least, we are undoubtedly members; we are not volunteers to a cause. We don't think Christianity is a cause, more a way of life that means we belong.

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Benefit halted after eucharist request refused

Benefit halted after eucharist request refused

IT HAS been celebrated in churches for more than 35...


Bishop of Edmonton to retire THE Rt Revd Peter Wheatley, Area Bisho...

Can Catholics back women bishops?

Can Catholics back women bishops?

It is not often that an open letter to a bishop is...

Resignations and retirements

BARRETT The Revd Alexandra Barrett, Rector of Buckden...


ARDEN. - On 18 July, the Rt Revd Donald Seymour Ard...

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Inter Religious Affairs Programme Officer

London and Home Counties

Inter Religious Affairs Programme Officer Location: Lambeth Palace, London Salary: Starting salary of £27,911 rising to £30,326 upon successful completion of probation period. Contract Type: Full...  Read More

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Keeping the faith under fire

Keeping the faith under fire

Large numbers of clergy volunteered to be military chaplains during the Great War. Peter Street tells some of their stories  Subscribe to read more

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Is there enough reason now to impose tougher sanctions on Russia?

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Can Catholics back women bishops?

Christopher Hill asks whether Catholics can back women bishops  Subscribe to read more

Mon 28 Jul 14 @ 16:42
"A sense that in some way the disappearance of the sacred is a huge wound" Rowan Williams @BBCRadio4's The Waste Land

Mon 28 Jul 14 @ 15:16
Outing: is it ever right? @lucy25 is responding to comments made by @PeterTatchell here: