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100 years ago

Army chaplaincy scandal

Army chaplaincy scandal

WE ARE, to our regret, able to print only a few of the letters which we receive in support of our criticism of the Army Chaplains’ department. Since first we referred to the matter several months ago we have received every week letters, sorrowful or indignant, which tell of the incapacity...

War Office red tape

THE Army Chaplains’ question becomes more acute as the British forces increase

German black magic

IF EVER a nation can go mad, that is the case of Germany to-day. The malady has passed through many phases; at one time it has taken the form of insensate hate, at another it is homicidal, and more particularly infanticidal. Now it appears in a curious state of imbecility obsessed...

100 years ago: The Tsar takes the reins

IF ANYONE supposed that Russia, crushed in spirit by her ill-success in the war, was likely to consider proposals of peace, the step taken by the Tsar ought to correct the notion

Broad Church preferment

Broad Church preferment

IN THE field of theology no less than in the cities and villages of invaded countries the German method of “frightfulness” has spread havoc . . .

Bishops and atrocities

GERMAN Bishops in conference at Fulda have addressed to the All-Highest a telegram

100 years on: Darkened lustre of victory

THE Second World War has ended in a manner which only the chosen few who knew about the atomic bomb could have envisaged a fortnight ago

‘Anglo-American destructiveness has certainly put Attila and Jenghiz Khan in the shade’

‘Anglo-American destructiveness has certainly put Attila and Jenghiz Khan in the shade’

The Church Times reflects on the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 70 years ago

Papal blundering

Papal blundering

ON JULY the 28th, the anniversary of the outbreak of war, the Pope issued an address to the belligerent nations and their responsible heads

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Prison for Bishop Peter Ball, but victims still seek justice

Prison for Bishop Peter Ball, but victims still seek justice

THE sentencing of the former Bishop of Gloucester,...


ACKERLEY. The Revd Glyn Ackerley, Vicar of Shorne,...

Readings: 19th Sunday after Trinity

Proper 23: Job 23.1-9, 16-end; Psalm 22.1-15; Hebrews...

Resignations and retirements

AILEY. The Revd Nicholas Bailey, Chaplain of Repton...

Catholics urged to fuller participation in C of E

Catholics urged to fuller participation in C of E

THE Church of England’s traditional Catholics are being...

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Team Rector

North West

The Loughrigg Team Partnership Team Rector for the parishes of Ambleside, Brathay and Langdale The Loughrigg Team is situated in and around the small town of Ambleside in the South Lakes area of ...  Read More

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It depends what you mean by ‘gaps’

It depends what you mean by ‘gaps’

John Polkinghorne, physicist, priest, and writer, will be 85 on 16 October. Patrick Miles talked to him  Subscribe to read more

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Does the funeral profession need tighter regulation?

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In forgetfulness of the Kingdom

The Church has cut Jesus’s teaching from the heart of its worship, says Hugh Rayment-Pickard  Subscribe to read more

Fri 9 Oct 15 @ 21:00
Cornish churchwarden furious that bank unable to locate historic church artefacts

Fri 9 Oct 15 @ 20:15
“Playing together will make visible our oneness in Christ” Can cricket unite the Church?