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100 years ago

Daughters of Levi

100 years ago: In these days of sentimental bishops and eccentric deans, we seem to be without any security against the most extreme revolutionary changes, and we could welcome the reappearance of Wesley, to discourse upon his former text, with one verbal alteration: "Ye take too much upon you, ye daughters of Levi."

Joseph Chamberlain dies

100 years ago: SOME years ago the career of Joseph Chamberlain came to a tragic end, and last week his life was brought to a close.

Archduke assassinated

100 years ago: Throughout the civilized world the tragic news of this double assassination sent a thrill of horror, which was immediately followed by a passionate feeling of pity for the aged Emperor-King in this his crowning sorrow. It is too early to speculate on the effect this tragedy may have upon the politics of Europe. 

Adulterous picture-plays

100 years ago: We learn that a large number of cinematograph plays has been imported from America, having for their object the visual portrayal of the miseries resulting from ill-assorted unions, and the happiness attained through the relief afforded by the Divorce Court.

Prince’s promising start

100 years ago: IT IS very delightful and, we should hope, of happy augury that the first public function performed by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales [the future Duke of Windsor, after his abdication as King Edward VIII] was the stone-laying of a new church on his own demesne at Kennington.

Appeal for Welsh Church

100 years ago: IN THE appeal they have made on behalf of the Welsh Church, their Graces, the two Primates, express their conviction that the principles for which Churchmen have been contending are bound up with the religious life and welfare of the land

News from the beaches

70 years ago: LISTENERS to the King's speech on Tuesday evening heard an utterance of manly sincerity in deep contrast to the apologetic whine and fluffy indecision that too often pass for religious broadcasting.

Dissenting churchwarden

100 years ago: IN THE ancient civil parishes, the resident householders are, with certain exceptions, eligible for the office of churchwarden. Those exceptions comprise Jews, minors, aliens, and persons who have been convicted of felony, perjury, or fraud.

Swindon Council’s bigots

100 years ago: IN 1881 a public cemetery was opened at Swindon, and at no time since then has a portion of the ground been consecrated by the Bishop. At last, local Churchmen have decided to make the demand which the law entitles them to make. The worthy and wordy Councillors who opposed the claims of the rate-paying Churchpeople ... are actuated by bigotry.

Danish King in London

100 years ago: The visit of the King and Queen of Denmark to our shores during the past week has again awakened in us the sentiment of whole-hearted friendship towards the nation which gave us our Queen-Mother

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Keeping the faith under fire

Keeping the faith under fire

Large numbers of clergy volunteered to be military chaplains during the Great War. Peter Street tells some of their stories  Subscribe to read more

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Can Catholics back women bishops?

Christopher Hill asks whether Catholics can back women bishops  Subscribe to read more

Mon 28 Jul 14 @ 16:42
"A sense that in some way the disappearance of the sacred is a huge wound" Rowan Williams @BBCRadio4's The Waste Land

Mon 28 Jul 14 @ 15:16
Outing: is it ever right? @lucy25 is responding to comments made by @PeterTatchell here: