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100 years ago

Ministers, spies, and censors

100 years ago: The capacity for mischief is proportionately greater where wealth and social standing afford larger opportunities for treachery

Weak papal leadership

100 years ago: IT IS said that the Pope has addressed letters to the Archbishops and Bishops whose dioceses are in belligerent countries, exhorting them to instruct the clergy and the people to be charitable to the wounded and the prisoners, without distinction of race or belief

Wartime fatuity in Hereford

100 years ago: HOW completely out of touch with the tradition or the spirit of the Catholic Church - we had almost added with common sense - are the authorities of Hereford Cathedral an announcement in the Hereford Times serves to show

A bishop in wartime

100 years ago: THE Bishop of Chelmsford's primary address to his Diocesan Conference contains some excellent remarks on open churches and frequent worship, not only in war-time but at all times. The churches should always be kept open, as being not the private preserves of the incumbents and churchwardens, but places of which the people have the right of user.

Death of R. H. Benson

100 years ago: By the sudden death of Mgr R. H. Benson a strange career has ended

War of the Professors

100 years ago: PERHAPS it was scarcely necessary for the Oxford Divinity Professors, with whom are associated other well-known Oxford scholars, to draw up a reply to the German "Address to Evangelical Christians". . . Point by point it shows the professors of German Kultur to be in the wrong

A hindrance to religion

100 years ago: We are hoping that the war will recall us as a nation to the good ways that we have forsaken, one of which was the due observance of the Lord's Day

Priests’ combat is spiritual

100 years ago: THE Bishop of Birmingham [Henry Russell Wakefield], writing to the Times, has defended the position taken by the Archbishop of Canterbury on the question whether a priest should be allowed to serve as a combatant in the war

Drill sergeants’ language

100 years ago: LORD KITCHENER has taken pains to impress upon the men of his new army the duty of sobriety. This is well, but from all we hear, we are inclined to think that a word from his lordship on temperance of language would not come amiss

The King’s loyal dominions

100 years ago: In every corner of the King's dominions at home and overseas there is a superb rally to a cause which all alike feel to be their common cause

Pope Benedict XV elected

100 years ago: The Church Times congratulated the Roman conclave on choosing the strongest cardinal as the new pope, Benedict XV. "He is younger than most Popes have been at their accession, and this makes a continuous policy for a number of years probable."

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Forward in Faith looks to the future

Forward in Faith looks to the future

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Sainsbury’s Christmas ad criticised

Sainsbury’s Christmas ad criticised

A PRIEST from West Yorkshire is among at least 240...


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New Bishop for St Edmundsbury & Ipswich announced

New Bishop for St Edmundsbury & Ipswich announced

HAVING been nominated as a Bishop, one of Canon Martin...

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Senior Education and Academies Executive Officer

East Midlands

Diocese of leicester The Diocesan Board of Education St Martins House Peacock Lane Leicester LE1 5PZ The Leicester Diocesan Board of Education Is looklng to appoint two new senior members ...  Read More

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Finding life over death

Finding life over death

Denise Inge, who died on Easter Day this year, discovered that her home was built over a charnel house. This prompted her to write a book exploring the challenge of living well in the face of mortality  Subscribe to read more

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Are foodbanks an effective way of dealing with poverty?

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Fighting inequality and corruption in the world

Efforts are being made to combat corruption and sharp practice in global finance. Peter Selby has seen this at first hand  Subscribe to read more

Thu 27 Nov 14 @ 14:03
The novelist PD James, lay patron of the Prayer Book Society, has died aged 94.

Thu 27 Nov 14 @ 11:07
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