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100 years ago

Clergy struggle on their pay

100 years ago: In normal times £160 could scarcely be considered an adequate stipend even for a celibate priest, still less for a priest who is, as the people generally expect him to be, a married man

Teetotal war

100 years ago:  Sir Edward Clarke invited the clergy to take the pledge to abstain from alcohol during the continuance of the war

Evensong in the dark

100 years ago:  THE Bishop of Lincoln [the Rt Revd Edward Lee Hicks], in offering counsel to his clergy as to preaching and services in war time, urges that care should be taken not to let sermons degenerate into mere recruiting addresses or denunciations of our enemies

Universities feel the pinch

100 years ago: WITH the number of their undergraduates reduced by some 66 per cent., the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge are suffering from severe financial embarrassment

Freed to experiment

50 years ago:  A LANDMARK in the relations between Church and State in England has been reached with the safe passing through Parliament of the Prayer Book (Alternative and Other Services) Measure

The ‘good Churchman’

100 years ago: THE Dean of St Paul's [Dr Inge] appears to be of one mind with "A Liberal Churchman", on whose deliverance we have commented in two recent issues

Prayers for the departed

100 years ago: COMMENTING on the Archbishop of Canterbury's recent directions in regard to prayers for the departed, the Tablet asked what, if the doctrine of Purgatory is denied, there is left to pray for

Churchillian heroics

100 years ago: WE CONFESS to a feeling of nervousness when our First Lord [of the Admiralty] lets himself go and indulges in heroics

Churchill, an instrument in the hand of God

Churchill, an instrument in the hand of God

50 years ago: SO NOW Winston Churchill belongs to the ages, his long course finished, his last victory won

Air raids on the East Coast

100 years ago: ON TUESDAY night our East Coast again was visited aerially by the barbarian slayers of women, children, and unarmed men

Fr Benson goes to his crown

100 years ago: WITH the death of Fr Benson of Cowley, which we record with deep regret, a great career of Christian enterprise has closed

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Rachel Treweek goes to Gloucester as C of E

Rachel Treweek goes to Gloucester as C of E's first woman diocesan bishop

GLOUCESTER is to have the Church of England's first...

Changes in training prompt resignation and protest letter

Changes in training prompt resignation and protest letter

A PROPOSAL to devolve decision-making about ministerial...


A'COURT. The Revd Darren A' Court, Rector of Okeford,...

These proposals cause us to fear for the future of ministerial training

From the Revd Dr Jeremy Morris and 16 others Sir,...

Resignations and retirements

BUTTIMER. The Revd Cynthia Buttimer, NSM (Assistant...

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Diocese in Europe The Church of England Archdeacon of Germany & Northern Europe and Archdeacon of the East (with a diocesan brief for mission) This is a unique opportunity to contribute to th...  Read More

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The advocacy and the ecstasy

The advocacy and the ecstasy

St Teresa, born in Avila 500 years ago this weekend, is often depicted in a religious fervour. But there was much more to her than that, writes Laurie Vere  Subscribe to read more

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Can Christians be trendy?

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Lessons from history can teach us how to live

The long shadow of the past can not only illuminate the present but also point to a more hopeful future, writes David Monteith  Subscribe to read more

Wed 1 Apr 15 @ 10:27
The new issue of Church Times is out a day early this week & will be available on Thurs 2nd Apr. It's a bumper packed Easter issue so enjoy!

Wed 1 Apr 15 @ 10:03
Church leaders plan TV debates to resolve doctrinal differences