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100 years ago

Air raids on the East Coast

100 years ago: ON TUESDAY night our East Coast again was visited aerially by the barbarian slayers of women, children, and unarmed men

Fr Benson goes to his crown

100 years ago: WITH the death of Fr Benson of Cowley, which we record with deep regret, a great career of Christian enterprise has closed

Cardinal Mercier arrested

100 years ago: OF ALL the blunders which the Germans have committed since they declared war, the arrest of the Belgian Primate, Cardinal Mercier, is the most colossal

Kultur in Hereford

100 years ago: WE UNDERSTOOD that the Bishop of Hereford had it in his mind to secure the help of an Assistant Bishop of a different type of Churchmanship from his own

A veritable truce of God

100 years ago: LETTERS from the Front inform us that on Christmas Day there was a veritable Truce of God. Towards midnight on Christmas Eve, suddenly and by a common impulse, those who were enemies a moment before were sending each other Christmas greetings across the space between the lines of Germans and English

Massacre and merriment

100 years ago: "WHO of us thought, this time last year, that the greeting of A Merry Christmas in 1914 would have to be spoken in a very special sense? 

No time for a truce

100 years ago: THE Pope, it appears, has appealed to the belligerent Powers, exhorting them to suspend hostilities during the Christmas week

The King at the Front

100 years ago: WE WERE all immensely pleased when we heard that his Majesty the King had returned home safe and sound. It was a patriotic act on his part to go over and visit his troops at the front, but it was a risk from which it might be known he would not shrink

A devout old soldier

100 years ago: The death had occurred on 14 November of "the veteran Field Marshal, Earl Roberts, the gallant winner of the Victoria Cross, the leader of the famed march to Kandahar, and the commander who brought the Boer War to a successful end".

Spectators, not patriots

100 years ago: In burning words the Poet Laureate has denounced spectacular professional football at such a time as this as an "intolerable humiliation"

Ministers, spies, and censors

100 years ago: The capacity for mischief is proportionately greater where wealth and social standing afford larger opportunities for treachery

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Sentamu exercises 'gracious restraint' over traditionalist bishop's consecration

THE Archbishop of York, Dr Sentamu, will not lay on...


Provost resigns THE Very Revd Richard Kil­gour,...

The challenges that the new C of E reports duck

The challenges that the new C of E reports duck

IT TAKES courage and humility to admit that you need...

Resignations and retirements

HANSON. The Revd Margaret Hanson, NS Assistant Curate...

Dean of Rochester Cathedral takes a break from ministry

Dean of Rochester Cathedral takes a break from ministry

THE Dean of Rochester Cathedral, the Very Revd Dr...

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Canon Precentor


ST ASAPH CATHEDRAL THE DIOCESE OF ST ASAPH CANON PRECENTOR The Bishop of St Asaph, in conjunction with The Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral, wish to appoint an experienced priest to minister ...  Read More

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A man in tune with his times

A man in tune with his times

Ian Ramsey was an 'improbable' Bishop of Durham. On the centenary of his birth, John Saxbee recalls a philosopher of religion who was also a man of the people  Subscribe to read more

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Is a fundamentalist approach to religion always wrong?

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The challenges that the new C of E reports duck

Linda Woodhead finds the proposed remedies for the numerical decline of the Church too clerical and too congregational  Read More

Thu 29 Jan 15 @ 16:15
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