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100 years ago

Massacre and merriment

100 years ago: "WHO of us thought, this time last year, that the greeting of A Merry Christmas in 1914 would have to be spoken in a very special sense? 

No time for a truce

100 years ago: THE Pope, it appears, has appealed to the belligerent Powers, exhorting them to suspend hostilities during the Christmas week

The King at the Front

100 years ago: WE WERE all immensely pleased when we heard that his Majesty the King had returned home safe and sound. It was a patriotic act on his part to go over and visit his troops at the front, but it was a risk from which it might be known he would not shrink

A devout old soldier

100 years ago: The death had occurred on 14 November of "the veteran Field Marshal, Earl Roberts, the gallant winner of the Victoria Cross, the leader of the famed march to Kandahar, and the commander who brought the Boer War to a successful end".

Spectators, not patriots

100 years ago: In burning words the Poet Laureate has denounced spectacular professional football at such a time as this as an "intolerable humiliation"

Ministers, spies, and censors

100 years ago: The capacity for mischief is proportionately greater where wealth and social standing afford larger opportunities for treachery

Weak papal leadership

100 years ago: IT IS said that the Pope has addressed letters to the Archbishops and Bishops whose dioceses are in belligerent countries, exhorting them to instruct the clergy and the people to be charitable to the wounded and the prisoners, without distinction of race or belief

Wartime fatuity in Hereford

100 years ago: HOW completely out of touch with the tradition or the spirit of the Catholic Church - we had almost added with common sense - are the authorities of Hereford Cathedral an announcement in the Hereford Times serves to show

A bishop in wartime

100 years ago: THE Bishop of Chelmsford's primary address to his Diocesan Conference contains some excellent remarks on open churches and frequent worship, not only in war-time but at all times. The churches should always be kept open, as being not the private preserves of the incumbents and churchwardens, but places of which the people have the right of user.

Death of R. H. Benson

100 years ago: By the sudden death of Mgr R. H. Benson a strange career has ended

War of the Professors

100 years ago: PERHAPS it was scarcely necessary for the Oxford Divinity Professors, with whom are associated other well-known Oxford scholars, to draw up a reply to the German "Address to Evangelical Christians". . . Point by point it shows the professors of German Kultur to be in the wrong

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Plan to groom ‘talent’ for high office in C of E

Plan to groom ‘talent’ for high office in C of E

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Reforms needed to halt decline, says Archbishop Welby

Reforms needed to halt decline, says Archbishop Welby

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Are these the leaders that we really want?

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ADAMS. The Revd Mark Adams, Vicar of St John with...

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Lecturer in Biblical Studies

New Zealand

THE COLLEGE OF ST JOHN THE EVANGELIST LECTURER IN BIBLICAL STUDIES (known as 'The Sir Paul Reeves' Lecturer') St John's Theological College (An Anglican Seminary of the Province of Aotearoa, New ...  Read More

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I was there when the tsunami struck

I was there when the tsunami struck

Ten years ago, Maxwell Hutchinson and his wife were on holiday in Sri Lanka when it was torn apart by the tsunami. He tells how they survived  Subscribe to read more

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Should sanctions be imposed on clergy who marry a same-sex partner?

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There is no divine right of managers

Business should be learning from the Church rather than the other way round, argues Justin Lewis-Anthony  Subscribe to read more

Fri 19 Dec 14 @ 19:00
Pakistani Taliban condemned for Peshawar school massacre

Fri 19 Dec 14 @ 17:41
Episcopal cloud hangs over conversion of civil partnerships