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We have the knowledge but we lack the will

We have the knowledge but we lack the will

The real problem facing the environment is a spiritual one, writes Nicholas Holtam, from the meeting of eco-bishops in South Africa

Growing from the same seed-bed

Growing from the same seed-bed

Christian liturgy can unwittingly fan the flames of anti-Semitism, warns Jane Clements

The difficulties of follow-my-leader

Jane Shaw explains the background to the recent US theological-college disputes

A letter to be read

Leader: TO GRASP the radical nature of the C of E Bishops' pre-election pastoral letter, it is necessary only to look at the equivalent letter released by the Roman Catholic hierarchy this week

The cynical culture of party politics

Angela Tilby: IT IS no surprise that the Bishops' Pastoral Letter for the General Election should have drawn a largely negative Conservative response, and virtual silence from everyone else

Gearing up for the General Election: Christian interventions in politics

From Mr Frank Field MP; From the Revd F. Gerald Downing; From the Revd Peter R. Blackman; From Mr John Ewington; From Mr Ron Jeffries

Freed to experiment

50 years ago:  A LANDMARK in the relations between Church and State in England has been reached with the safe passing through Parliament of the Prayer Book (Alternative and Other Services) Measure

The Church, the ballot-box, and Mrs Thatcher

The Church, the ballot-box, and Mrs Thatcher

As an election looms, Eliza Filby traces the Church of England's changing political face from Faith in the City to Feeding Britain

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AUSTIN. The Revd Rosemary Austin, Assistant Curate...

Resignations and retirements

DARRANT. The Revd Louis Darrant, Rector of St Mary's,...


New archdeacon THE next Archdeacon of Ardboe, in...

Bishops’ call for vision provokes anger

Bishops’ call for vision provokes anger

THE House of Bishops has called on politicians to...


ADDISON. - On 16 February, the Revd Philip Ives Addison:...

Videogames: 2014 round-up

Compiling a definitive list of the year's best games is still a popular pastime, and certainly seen as less crass than crowning the top ten paperbacks or paintings. Bracketing out this and othe...  Read More

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Poet who crossed frontiers

Poet who crossed frontiers

To mark the 50th anniversary of the death of T. S. Eliot, Martyn Halsall examines the writer's work in order to map his spiritual journey  Subscribe to read more

Fri 27 Feb 15 @ 18:24
The man named as Islamic State executioner 'Jihadi John' attended a C of E primary school in West London

Fri 27 Feb 15 @ 16:00
Muslims4Lent: "People are thirsty for respect&understanding&don't want to allow extremists to drive wedge between us"