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Looking for new funds? Pass the ice-bucket

Looking for new funds? Pass the ice-bucket

As charities seek to attract a new generation of donors, they are having to find more targeted methods, reports Nick Jowett

The difference friendliness makes

The difference friendliness makes

Elizabeth Butler-Sloss is chairing the Commission on Religion and Belief
in Public Life. She reports her initial observations

NHS in crisis

Leader: THE next General Election will not be won on the issue of health. Prominence will be given to the economy (correctly), welfare (ideally), immigration (regrettably), and personality (disastrously)

Foretaste of heaven with Mary Berry

Angela Tilby: I AM quite surprised to be confessing this, but I was one of the 12.3 million to watch the final of The Great British Bake Off

Unfair dodging is dragging us down

Paul Vallely participates in a debate on ethics in public life

Word from Wormingford

Word from Wormingford

Ronald Blythe retreats indoors as a downpour batters the house

Make the most of your assets

Maggie Durran: We are facing another year of struggles with money and stewardship issues. Is there a way to break out of the struggle?

War of the Professors

100 years ago: PERHAPS it was scarcely necessary for the Oxford Divinity Professors, with whom are associated other well-known Oxford scholars, to draw up a reply to the German "Address to Evangelical Christians". . . Point by point it shows the professors of German Kultur to be in the wrong

Taking issue with our panel’s selection of the 100 Best Christian Books

From Canon Christopher Hall; From Miss Vasantha Gnanadoss; From the Revd K. C. Fabricius; From the Revd Jonathan Frais; From Mr Roderick Smith; From the Bishop of Chester

Recent discoveries in biological research

From Professor R. J. Berry; From Dr Richard Crockett; From Dr Gerald Atkinson

Still on board

From Canon Peter Doll

Most popular
Towards wholeness

Towards wholeness

Hilda of Whitby: A spirituality for now Ray Simpson BRF £7.9...


New archdeacon THE first Archdeacon of Brighton and...

Resignations and retirements

HUGHES. The Revd Gwilym Hughes, NSM of Caerwys and ...


DEARDEN. - On 11 October, the Revd James Varley D...

Praise for patience as Lords agree to women bishops

Praise for patience as Lords agree to women bishops

THE House of Lords passed the Bishops and Priests (C...

Virginia Woolf: Art, life and vision

National Portrait Gallery Until October 26 This is a fascinating exhibition about the life and work of Virginia Woolf (1882-1941), hailing her as 'one of the greatest writers of the twentie...  Read More

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Counting the cost

Counting the cost

Huw Spanner hears tips for people who are interested in banking, investing, and saving more ethically, but who are unsure where to start  Subscribe to read more

Wed 22 Oct 14 @ 12:05
The Archbishop of York says he is "deeply ashamed" by failure of CofE to protect children

Wed 22 Oct 14 @ 12:04
An inquiry into allegations of sexual abuse by a former Dean of Manchester has identified "systemic failings" in CofE