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Did King Charles I have Asperger’s syndrome?

Did King Charles I have Asperger’s syndrome?

New research suggests that the King's medical condition may have affected his decision-making, but it did not prevent his saving the Church of England, argues Robert Beaken

How teens can deal well with death

How teens can deal well with death

Young people often confront their grief better than adults, says Tess Kuin Lawton

Violence in St Louis

Leader: The presence of pastors and congregation members among the protesters in Feguson is welcomed, but TV images of heavily armed troops battling with looters will send the wrong message

Seek renewal for the long haul, not a quick fix

Angela Tilby: David Cameron was right to resist vehement cries from the press and elsewhere to recall Parliament in the wake of an apparently worsening crisis in northern Iraq

Focus on the opposition to all faiths

Religious people need to decry persecution more widely, says Paul Vallely

Business in church: first steps

Maggie Durran: Our architect recommended that we contact you for advice on how to move forward with our idea for setting up a community business in our church - a business that will help to build links with and serve local people. Can you help us to get started?

Word from Wormingford

Word from Wormingford

Ronald Blythe takes in his late-summer garden, leaning on a new stick

Death of Pope Pius

100 years ago:  HASTENED by the cataclysm which has fallen upon the European world, the death of the Pope has come as a shock to those whose thoughts have been absorbed by the news from the area of war

Challenge of the Islamic State extremists in Iraq

From Mr R. H. Stansfield; From the Ven. Alan Davis

Talking about death, and This Happy Breed

From the Revd David Primrose; From Helen Innes

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An angry voice and a tear

An angry voice and a tear

WHAT on earth is Sinéad O'Connor doing at the Greenbelt Festival? I ...

Did King Charles I have Asperger’s syndrome?

Did King Charles I have Asperger’s syndrome?

TODAY is the anniversary of the start of the English Ci...

Making Nothing Happen / My Bright Abyss

Making Nothing Happen: Five poets explore faith and spirituality Gavin D'Costa, Eleanor Nesbitt, Mark Pryce, Ruth Shelton and Nicola Slee Ashgate, 215pp My Bright Abyss: Meditation of a ...  Read More

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An angry voice and a tear

An angry voice and a tear

Sinéad O'Connor headlines at the Greenbelt Festival this Sunday, despite her very public history of animosity against the Roman Catholic Church. Is she a troublemaker, a publicity-seeker, or a prophet? Cole Moreton makes an evaluation  Read More

Wed 27 Aug 14 @ 9:54
The Evangelical Alliance @EAUKnews is polling Evangelicals on the 2015 election and voting intentions: